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In 1971, Ideal created a large and very groovy collection! They were issued on orange cards, covered with cellophane, and they had a reusable hanger which incidentally worked wonderfully in the Ideal issued cases!

The outfits were named: Hob Nobber, Grape Drape, Surf's Up, Drenched Trench, Jean Machine, Gypsy, Snuggler, and Funderwear. In 1971, Ideal started tagging their fashions, though each and every outfit isn't tagged. It's not clear why they tagged some outfits, but not all outfits.

All of the carded outfits, going forward in production were NOT sold with shoes. They were sold on carded blister packs. See a picture of the blister-packed shoes at the bottom of page 4. Any leftover fashion stock from 1969 and 1970 (formerly sold in small boxes) was packaged on orange cards without shoes and sold in this manner. This collector has a few examples in the archive. Very few of the earliest outfits packaged this way exist today.

As mentioned before, counter displays aren't easy to find.

The Hob Nobber skirt has a tendency to oxidize from royal blue to plum.

Crissy looks fab in her Way-Out Wig and Grape Drape!

Surf's Up was sold with a beaded bracelet and a flocked headband too.

The Drenched Trench.

The headband pictured above was not part of the Jean Machine outfit.

Kerry, so elegant in Gypsy.

Crissy looks snuggly in Snuggler! The sash is original to this outfit.

Snazzy underwear for a groovy gal! It would be a shame to put pretty Funderwear under an outfit to be hidden!

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All photography and text, December, 2005, by Beth-Ellen Colvin