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1972 was a wonderful year for Crissy fashion! There were two collections sold: The Crissy and Velvet Dress Up Collection and the appropriately named Crissy and Velvet Dress Down Collection.

The four outfits in the Dress Up set for Crissy were Lemon Lite, Feminine Fancy, Blazering, and Very Vanilla. They were sold in a hard-sider box. None of these outfits were sold with shoes. Apparently, not many of the garments from this collection were tagged.

Here is how the dressier collection was packaged.

This luscious outfit is known as Lemon Lite! The veil is original however, the choker is added by me.

Feminine Fancy is a curious choice of attire for a pre-teen, to be sure!

The long-skirted Blazering outfit is a "sister" outfit to Velvet's Blazering outfit, which had a mini-skirt.

Very Vanilla is VERY delicious! Couldn't you just eat Tressy up in this???

The Dress Down set for Crissy included: Patchworker, Hippie Happening, Lip Smackin' Good, Starshine, Moonshine, Funky Feathers, Burlap Bag, and An Overall Effect. They were sold on green cards. Most of the green-carded outfits are tagged, though not all of them are. Ideal wasn't very consistent in tagging their garments.

This example of yet another counther disply was part of a "deal" that a store buyer could acquire through the Ideal catalog in 1972 (and again in the 1973 catalog). Included in the deal were 18 assorted Crissy "Dress Down Collection" outfits, 18 likewise for Velvet (on the teal colored cards), and the wire rack with header card. Both front and back of this rack are being shown, with the header card being the same on both sides. On the sides, near the bottom, the complete collection of Crissy and Velvet outfits were illustrated on cards that slid in between slots. The middle card is missing, but the evidence indicates that it was Ideal's oval logo.

It isn't in mint condition (having suffered some UV damage) but it is an "Ideal" addition to the archive.

This ultra-cool display is certainly hard to locate and only the second one this collector has ever seen in nearly two decades.

This set is difficult to find with all of it's parts: choker, sash, jacket, and short-alls. Patchworker is the "picture" of the early 70's though!

Hippie Happening is just so sweet on this minty mint Kerry doll. The yarn belt is original to the dress. It is made rather uniquely from real wool yarn. There are no known variations found in this belt and will be found only as shown above.

The hat for Lip Smackin' Good was made with heavy red felt.

Awwww, Starshine.... Americans were getting ready (that early!) for the Bi-Centennial celebrations to come in 1976, as evidenced by this outfit! It was also a time period (the late sixties and early seventies) where American citizens expressed strong ideas of nationalism and patriotism.

Moonshine came with matching underpanties.

The feather necklace is original to Funky Feathers. The belt is found in either tan or yellow.

Here is a nice detail shot of the appliques' (generally missing) from Burlap Bag. The choker above is a reproduction. The color is right but it should be made of a very thin rope-like strand. It is visible in my MIP example.

Once again, we see the patriotic theme in this outfit known as An Overall Effect!

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All photography and text, December, 2005, by Beth-Ellen Colvin