Welcome! Come on in and meet...

The Li'l Stardust is named after the famed Stardust
Casino and Hotel. It was imploded on March 13, 2007.
The Li'l Stardust is beautiful by day,
but even more stunning at dusk.

By mid-morning in the spring and summer, the sun begins to peek through her neighbor's trees, illuminating her from the east.

Next to this beautiful little retro camper sits the party barn,
all ready for an evening of drinks and karaoke!

A shot taken by the light of the morning sun (bright, but not the brightest part of the day).

Heavy woods from the east provide shade
complimented by the sounds of morning songbirds, native
to the State of Georgia.

Lovely custom upholstery, curtains, and pillows are showcased in this darling little hideaway.

Breakfast anyone? On the table rests a vintage, 1950s toaster.

Stardust is outfitted with era-appropriate vintage Igloo products. They are a perfect color match!

If one is musically inclined, miniature (but real!) instruments stand at the ready.

Interesting vintage items appear as well, such as this genuine mid-60s Nauga!

The galley kitchen features a modern microwave oven and a three-burner gas stove.

She is all set up for "military" showers! And yes, that is a functioning toilet.

The dinette table lowers, the seat cushions fit neatly on top, and a double bed appears! Fresh, clean linens, pillows, blankets, and a comforter are stored away too, to make that bed super comfy.

A little tiki bar is super-convenient for fun photo-ops! It is attached to the party barn, and visible from the front window of the camper.

An icebox and fridge complete the galley.

A vintage-style coffee maker (which happens to make very good coffee!)...

A little light reading in the magazine rack (Time, July 16, 1961), adorned by the S found in the Shasta logo...

Reminders of the long-gone Stardust Casino and Hotel add interest to the camper's decor.

Custom cherry pillows complete the vintage feel found in The Li'l Stardust.

It is most appropriate to decorate a retro camper with vintage findings.

The view from the dinette, looking out at the party barn and tiki bar.

The woods provide some natural privacy and act as a sound baffle.

Tiki lights, a fire pit, loungers, an oak tree, and a tall Georgia pine all are found behind the trailer, and next to the fabulous tiki bar.

Who wouldn't have a great time sipping MaiTais next to this?? And those tikis light up at night too!

Just add marshmallows!

A new view of the tiki bar, now with a stone base.

Life is good with your favorite tiki gods.

These super comfy hammock swings take advantage of the natural, subtle sway of the oak branch that supports them.

Come on in and have a seat!

A view of the back of the lovely Stardust, and towards the owner's home.

What a view!

If one doesn't care to make up the bed to dine, one might like to enjoy their morning orange juice at the wrought iron table instead.

We thought of everything. Open up your Coca-Cola (or your beer) right here!

 Good morning, sunshine! Night or day, everything is fabulously color coordinated.

If you have had too much sun, or Margaritas, we wouldn't want you to trip over the tie-lines that support the awning. These pennants will help!

Our mingos are well-dressed...in tutus! The flamingos near the tiki bar are wearing pirate bandanas.

She's so homey!

Tiki chimes clink in the slight Georgia breeze. The tiki theme is borrowed from the tiki bar, and very era-appropriate.

A Shasta Airflyte wouldn't be complete without her fabulous wings!

The homeowner's back yard is 1/4 of an acre, room to spread out.

A charming on-location spot for film and photography.

The neighbors are quiet. The occasional (spayed or neutered) feral cat slinks by on the wood fence sometimes, though.

Email now to to reserve camera time.

Here is an out-of-frame area for equipment, or other needs.

Looking to the right of the property.

Low noise levels are noted in the area, but this is mostly attributed to the natural surroundings.

The Li'l Stardust at dusk.

Even her running lights can be illuminated for unique evening shots. String lights sparkle underneath.

The area behind the camper can be lit by means of string lights, the fire pit, and with the lights over the bar.

Isn't she stunning, sitting there on her white marble gravel bed?? She is especially pretty when the summer fireflies flit around the property.

Come to see us near Atlanta, Georgia!

The Li'l Stardust is parked permanently in a local Atlanta county behind the resident's home (awaiting retirement). It has heating/air-conditioning, a large vintage-style Vornado fan, electric, LP gas, and water. The interior cabinets are stocked with vintage turquoise melamine, vintage 1960s barware, linens, and bathroom supplies.

The homeowner has hosted photography shoots in the past (a nominal fee applies).

Thank you for visiting! Contact bethellencolvin@gmail.com for further information.

The owner and friends.