My name is Beth-Ellen Colvin (formerly Gunther) and I have been professionally archiving the Crissy family of dolls for 25 years. I wrote Crissy doll and Her Friends: Guide for Collectors, published in 1998 after 7 years of research. It took three years to write it and to take hundreds of pictures in my mini-studio. Obviously, I didn't use all of them.

The book has been re-released as a second edition (March 1, 2014). It is available on Amazon, in an e-book format. It was updated with new information and over 400 pictures! I guarantee you will love it!

I appreciate that you took the time to come to this site. You should know my mission and vision. It is my mission to ensure that every collector, those that are new to the field or not, have completely accurate and historically complete information. It is my vision that all persons related to the doll field, whether collectors or sellers, be able to go to the Internet to find it.

One will find all sorts of notions and ideas on on-line auction sites. Remember, sellers will say anything to get you to spend your hard earned dollars, whether true or not. Always ask questions. If the seller doesn't seem to have accurate information, know that you can come here. If you don't find the information you seek, email me! I do not strive to be the first with information, but I do strive to have the best information.

There are plenty of places to go to find info. There are some sites that have nice Crissy links for you, as well as other dolls from our childhood. There are sites too, that are completely dedicated to Crissy and her family. Some are fun and interactive and so enjoyable!

But alas, you won't find any flash and sizzle here. All you will find here is good old-fashioned, accurate information. Yes, I confess, I took my HMTL coding classes in the 90's ... a little fact for which I've been publicly raked over the coals. But I donít use software or a template. I code the old-fashioned way, with my mind and a keyboard. If I forget how to do something, I get my books out and refresh my memory. Thankfully the codes haven't changed much since then. I canít pay for my server fees AND a professional webmaster and I really must keep this advertising free.

I wrote my original site when the book was released in 1998 and it enjoyed nearly 100,000 hits before I moved it over a new location.

I changed servers in 2003 and again in the Spring of 2006 so that I could afford more and faster bandwidth. And Iíve been hoarding information for ages. It took a couple years, but I've put all of that information on-line for you. I always have a few more things in the works... and probably always will, because I'm always looking for and digging up new stuff. A few years ago, I interviewed a former line-worker at Ideal as well as a person who designed prototype clothing items. Their information has been added to this site. Further, if you have something to share, please email me! Collectors love new things that give us insights on our collecting experience. Whether it's documentation (alot of which I have) or a variation (we love variations), please, get in touch and share with your fellow collectors!

I write what I can, when I can. I'm pretty well tapped for time these days, but may I say, I live a very sweet life. It's so good that shucks, sometimes I'm even jealous of myself! {LOL}

And with that, I say, enjoy my site. Enjoy the other ones too. It IS a wonderful Crissy world out there.

Luv & Peace, Beth
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Our latest family picture, from December, 2008. You may notice that our dog, Hunter, isn't in our family picture anymore. He passed away on December 16, 2008. We miss him very much. He was 15 and a half years old and he wasn't doing well.

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