Aftermarket Outfits!

There were several companies that made outfits for Crissy and her family. They are quite plentiful. There are so many variations of some of these outfits that there still exists thousands of them, making it pretty impossible to own them all. There are approximately 700 dolls in the archive wearing aftermarket outfits (and that only touches the tip of the iceberg!).

What actually is the definition of "aftermarket?" It is the market for items and accessories used for the enhancement of a product after its initial sale or offering to the public, or subsequent sales opportunities resulting from an original sale. So, the outfits found on this page were sold to "enhance" the Crissy doll and her family members after she was initially sold by Ideal.

Often, mail in the Crissy and Beth inbox is filled with pictures of doll outfits. The question usually is, "I don't see this on the aftermarket page but it came on a Crissy doll and it is factory made so it must be aftermarket, right?" Well, not necessarily. A doll collector or doll dealer must remember that there were other dolls sold at the same time as Crissy and all of those dolls were sold in their issue outfits. Naturally, some of these outfits would fit Crissy or the child that played with her wouldn't have dressed her in the outfit in the first place. It appears that many sellers selling on on-line auctions incorrectly assume that anything not identifiable is aftermarket (or even of catalog origin!) and this is definitely not the case. It could just be a factory outfit that was issued on another doll by another company. Don't fall for it.

Peggy Ann Doll Clothes, Inc.

Created by a company based out of Carson, California, USA, these outfits turned up mostly in Kmart stores. They were also sold in other discount department stores as well. One will find them packaged in thin plastic trays with cellophane heat-sealed over the top. Most of the time they were sold with jewelry, belts and other accessories, such as shown in these MIP sets ...

The next outfit was created for 18-19" fashion dolls like Harmony, Cynthia and Jennifer. Because these dolls were all sold in the same era, don't be surprised if you find them on Crissy and the bigger girls as seen below.

Lovely Brandi models this Peggy Ann "Boutique Fashions" outfit, sized for the Crissy sized dolls, as shown MIP above.

Here is another Peggy Ann outfit that one will find on Crissy pretty often. It actually was sold by Peggy Ann, their Boutique Clothes collection, for Harmony, Cynthia and Jennifer. Aren't these boots to-die-for-cute? Unfortunately, they are much too small for Crissy and Harmony, but they do fit Cynthia and Jennifer.

This 'Scene Fashions' by Peggy Ann is sized to fit 14-15" 'Toddler and Girl Dolls, including Italian Dolls,' etc. It fits Velvet well. A larger size for Crissy appears in this collector's archives as well.

A wonderfully sweet 'Scene Fashions' outfit is sized for 14-15" 'Toddler and Girl Dolls, including Italian Dolls,' etc. It will fit Velvet.

This wonderful outfit above is sold in three sizes. You will find it on Crissy sized dolls, Velvet sized dolls and on even smaller dolls like Cinnamon!

Many Velvet dolls have been found in this snazzy outfit, although oftentimes, it is missing its fabulous scarf!

Many Peggy Ann outfits came in both sizes, Crissy and Velvet. This one is Velvet sized.

Another sweet Peggy Ann dress. This one is in the archive several times, in many variations.

What a sweet sailor outfit by Peggy Ann.

The three outfits shown below were packaged for Harmony dolls, though they've been spotted on Crissy sized dolls on numerous occasions.

As seen in the photo below, Peggy Ann made outfits that fit Cinnamon too. This one, sold at Sears, lists Cinnamon as a doll who could wear it.

Even though Peggy Ann was mostly sold at Kmart stores, with alternative packaging, it was sold at Sears Department Stores too, as seen in the below photo:

The Peggy Ann packaging is a bit fragile and does not "wear" very well. In fact, age is its worst enemy as they get brittle with time. When they are found in near-pristine condition, it's such a treat. The above photos of this cute pantsuit come courtesy K.Cashin. (Thank you!!) Even the hang-tab is still intact.

Mayfair/Regal Toy Ltd.

From Canada, the collector may be able to locate outfits that were sold for Crissy and Velvet that were sewn by Mayfair. These outfits were packaged and sold by Regal Toy Limited. On the back of each header card, it says (as puncuated), "Give your doll that FRESH, New LOOK with dolls' wear and accessories designed to fit Canada's most popular dolls. A complete selection of clothing to fit your favourite doll." Their catch phrase was "A REGAL TOY IS A KIDDIE'S JOY!" All of this was printed on the left side. On the right, it was translated into French. Most of these outfits have some pretty nice detailing.

Below: A close-up shot of the affixed tag detailing the dolls that can wear the outfit.

These sweet jammies are made of a flannel-like fabric.

Above and below: These outfits are sized for Velvet sized dolls (15-16 inches).

Below: The above green outfit has been seen in many fabric variations (and surely all of them came in several color variations). This one is Crissy sized.

Above: The sewn-on paper tag found on a Mayfair/Regal Toy outfit. It was meant to be torn off.

Premier Doll Togs, Inc.

Premier has been been in business for many decades. They were oftentimes sold on hangers, in baggies, with a header card. The company did business from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Usually they placed a sticker on their outfits to tell the consumer what dolls would be able to wear them. After all, they were a doll clothes company, in the business to sell clothes!

This absolutely fabulous hat and coat were sized to fit Baby Velvet! The sticker noted several dolls that could wear this, Baby Velvet being one of them.

Here is a close up shot of the tag.

Now we all know that Baby Velvet never made it into production in 1974. Here is evidence that there were trade magazines and trade shows that released information about planned dolls. This larger green dress above was tagged for Baby Velvet!

Surprise! It was also sized for Cinnamon. How fun! (Below)

Below: A collection of outfits made by Premier for Cinnamon.

Premier actually created quite a nice selection of outfits for Baby Velvet. If she had been actually produced and sold, she would have been very well dressed!

Yet another cute outfit (photo contributed) of a sweet little outfit labeled for Cinnamon. It consists of a top, slacks and a hat.

Here are some stunning outfits created for dolls like Baby Crissy. She is mentioned on the Premier label. This very well-made outfit came on a large hanger and included a hairbow to complete the set. One might have purchased this in a doll shop, as the Premier buyer's guides usually targeted this type of establishment.

All of these above outfits were sized for Crissy, but they could also be sized for Velvet. The quilted robe can be found in all sorts of color variations, the slacks outfit (often confused with a Wards catalog exclusive) could be found in many variations and the dress is in the archive several times in many variations as well.

This super Premier purse was labeled for Crissy.

Several examples are shown above of Premier shoes, tagged for Crissy and Velvet.

Premier made roller skates and ice skates labeled for Crissy and Velvet too! How cool!

Here is another absolutely adorable outfit made by Premier for the "We Wish They Made Her" Baby Velvet doll. Sweet!

This little faux patchwork maxi-skirt, modeled by Mia, is simply adorable. The top is a bodysuit.

Here are Gorgeous Tressy and Kerry modeling two of the Premier dresses. Beautiful and rich colors were used! The pink dress is also shown in the below photo montage' in a turquoise variation. As always, I utilize vintage barrettes with my models and original shoes (just like I would have when I was 7 years old!).

Also by Premier is the super sweet outfit sized to fit "Velvet's Little Sister" as it says on the sticker.

Shillman, by M. & S. Shillman of Brooklyn, New York

Shillman outfits can be found packaged in a couple of different ways.

Below, Shillman's "Fashion Lovelies" outfits. These are usually well-marked indicating which dolls can wear them. Curiously, the outfit on the far right is labled for Harmony and Cynthia, BUT the shoes will only fit Crissy! The cellophane on Shillman outfits often shrinks with time so generally, these outfits when found still in the package may be in a disheveled condition.

This photo is contributed.

These two outfits are packaged the same way. The bride dress is still shrink-wrapped, however, it's been removed on the red dress set. It had shrunk so badly with time that it was destroying the box. This is not unusual and happens often with old cellophane. This red dress came in Velvet's size too, as shown below on this page, although it is created in a pink and pastel striped version.

Another Shillman example in the above type of package. This polka-dot fabric can be found in lime green, hot pink and hot orange. There is also a pantsuit that is also made in these three colors. There are even Velvet sized outfits made in this fabric! Shillman really liked it apparently!

Notice the two different packages for shoes, made by Shillman. The "Round the Clock Fashions" was a different line created by Shillman. The green shoes were part of it, labeled for Crissy. Sometimes Shillman included shoes in their packaged outfits.

The other vinyl shoes were very similar to Crissy's Ideal shoes in that they had a small heel, causing her to be counter-balanced, and she could stand in them. The buckle was a very nice touch. Collectors love these!

The above outfit comes to you courtesy eBay seller Diane Brown. This illustrates how they occasionally included shoes with their outfits. This packaged outfit took quite a hefty sum when it closed on the on-line auction!

Also from Diane Brown is this snazzy leopard-print coat, purse and hat. Swanky!

Totsy Doll Fashions

Totsy Doll Fashions was based out of Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA. They were responsible for thousands of different outfits for about a zillion different dolls by many different toy companies. They probably were the ultimate producer in aftermarket doll clothes.

From the "Fashionables" line, this pajama set (above) has appeared in many different color variations. How sweet that it included a comb for the ladies to style their hair before bed time!

Another line was called "Dolly's Outfit." This particular skirt and blouse was made for slimmer dolls like Cynthia (by Mattel) and Jennifer (by Uneeda) but has been seen on Crissy and her friends.

Here is another Totsy "Dolly's Outfit" that fits Tiffany Taylor, Harmony, and Miss Deb, as noted on the label.

From the "New Look Doll Fashions" line, this coat should look very familiar... it's the same coat sold in the Wards catalog for Crissy! The only exception is that a scarf has been added to it. The buttons are identical, letting the collector know that it and the Wards coat were made in the same Hong Kong factory.

Here is a little more evidence that the Wards catalog outfits were more than likely made by Totsy. This little PJ outfit also came in baby blue and could also be purchased in the 1974 & 1975 Wards catalog "exclusively" for Baby Crissy, though not packaged like this. The packaging shown above would have been sold in department or toy stores.

This exact same pattern for this outfit was also sold in the Wards catalog. The difference is in the fabric colors chosen. This is from the "Fun Time Fashions" line.

Also from Totsy is this line of clothes that were sold only at the Grant Department Store. The dresses are rather long and don't look that good on Crissy with her "mod" style. They would probably look a bit better on Mattel's Best Friend Cynthia doll (another doll listed that the dresses fit) or Ideal's Harmony. Actually they are a bit drab and frumpy looking.

The tag that shows its exclusivity to Grant.

Kerry and Crissy are modeling two of these Grants store exclusives, made by Totsy.

Totsy also created and sold single item clothing in packs, against a piece of cardboard. This one notes Crissy as one of the dolls that can wear it.

The outfit on the right is made by Totsy, from their "Dolly Needs" line. The outfit on the left is made by Shillman, from the "Baby and Toddler Doll Fashions" line. Both outfits fit Cinnamon. However, the Shillman outfit is a smidge big, but does note her name on the header card.

Do you remember when toys, dolls, and sporting goods were actually sold inside the JCPenney department store? Other department stores sold them too, but the following discussion centers around this outfit, sold at the store, and not within the catalog.

This Daintee Doll Fashions outfit lists Velvet’s Little Sister on the label, among other popular dolls of the era. It was actually made by the Totsy company, with the box being labeled JCPenney. How do we know it was made by Totsy? There are several hallmarks. The most obvious one is the label itself. Totsy frequently used the “star sticker” to list the dolls that could wear their outfits. Under the star, the dolls’ height was noted, then the list followed. The second hallmark is the hanger. If Totsy packaged an outfit with a hanger, it was the one that appears in this package.

The familiar "star label" shows signs of age. The adhesive has caused it to be blotchy.

This outfit was not sold in any of the JCPenney catalogs. JCPenney usually offered a grouping for clothes and accessories, but never a single, boxed outfit such as this. Incidentally, if one peruses the catalogs, they will begin to recognize the outfits as being created by Premier and those created by Totsy, in some of the groupings.

One other bit of evidence that shows this outfit was sold in the store is that it has a price sticker on it. It was sold at a clearance price of 85 cents.

For reference, below is another Totsy outfit that shows what their "star sticker" looks like.

Now for your enjoyment, here are some pictures of various aftermarket outfits. There are literally thousands of them with all of the variations available.

Here are two outfits that were sold by Premier. The green set has also been found in pink. Likewise for the blue set. The chain and "gold buttons" have been replaced on the blue set. The chain is actually a bit finer in size, like the pink set's chain. These outfits are pretty roomy but are too small for dolls like Harmony. They turn up quite often on Crissy and her family.

Here are two variations of a shorts/top set by Premier, as well as a sweet pink dress trimmed in tiny vinyl flower cutouts, held on by itsy-bitsy seed beads. The doll with earrings joined the archive with earwires in her ears already! I added the red rings. Someone's mommy must have added them along the way somewhere.

Super cuties! Here's Crissy and her little cousin Cinnamon in matching outfits.

This well-illustrates how there can be several variations of one outfit style. These are made by Peggy Ann.

Various makers: Red coat/hat, Peggy Ann, aqua dress with matching panties and pantsuit, also by Peggy Ann, and the long pink gown was sold by Totsy. The three outfits on the far right are all made by Shillman.

There were quite a few outfits that fit Cinnamon too. The two on the right were made by Premier and they usually listed "Velvet's Little Sister" on the label.

Various makers: Aqua coat/hat, Peggy Ann; red check pantsuit from the Totsy Fashionables line; orange jumpsuit outfit, Peggy Ann; red "pleather" trench, Premier; white jumpsuit outfit, Peggy Ann; and the aqua print dress is by Premier.

Pink summer pantsuit, Shillman; pink, yellow, orange print dress, Premier; orange dotted pantsuit, Shillman; peach organdy and lace dress, Shillman; hot pink dotted mini-dress, Shillman; and lime green mini with matching undies, Peggy Ann.

Mia and Velvet are modeling outfits by Peggy Ann. They did indeed come with the accessories shown. The hair to the floor Crissy has an interesting story. I purchased her with the two Crissy-sized outfits shown on-line. The owner, discovering that I'm a collector was so delighted that her doll was now in my care and keeping told me the story of how she came to own these outfits. It was a very charming story. While she didn't remember the department store that they were purchased from, she does recall that they were labeled for Crissy. I've seen them a few times on eBay on Crissy since then.

Some scans from Premier Buyers Catalogs

Premier provided their catalogs to buyers, the persons that purchased inventory for their toy shop, doll hospital, or department store. Please enjoy the scans below.

Not much was offered for Crissy in the 1970-1971 Premier catalog. They used their catalog for two years, then updated it for another two years.

The above is from the 1973/74 catalog, sized for Cinnamon dolls and other popular dolls of the time.

These are also for smaller popular dolls (1973/74).

This scan shows outfits for both Crissy and Velvet sized dolls. The top row is Crissy, with Velvet below (1973/74).

Some outfits for popular Cinnamon sized dolls, from the 1974/75 Premier Buyers Catalog.

These too are for Cinnmon sized dolls (1974/75).

This assortment was sold in three sizes, geared for baby dolls. Guess what?? Baby Velvet was listed in the large size category, as was Baby Crissy! (1974/75)

From 1974/75, these outfits were the sets prepared for Velvet, Crissy and family. The top row is Crissy sized. Velvet is on the bottom.

All text, © February 2006, Beth-Ellen Colvin

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