Welcome to my doll room!
So glad that you could stop by.

I made this page to show you what it looks like in "my" little world! I used to store a series of pictures on Yahoo Photos but they closed that service. I tried to transfer to the other services offered but it wouldn't work. So... here we are! I used the opportunity to shoot a whole new series of low resolution pictures. I am keeping the resolution down so that the pix will load faster. And I will keep the HTML coding down to a "dull roar" so that it's easy to look at. {smile} This isn't designed to give you a close up look at everything in my personal archives but it's moreless set up this way to give you a glimpse of what it's like to be an advanced collector. Is there any "method to this madness" in my doll room? Nope! I know it looks sort of chaotic and truthfully, it probably is to the "unintiated" but honestly, I know where everything is and I can put my hand on any item quickly. The room is set up so that I can see everything (or at the very least, the top of the doll's head that I'm looking for LOL). It is semi-climate controlled in that I have the forced-air heat turned off in there in the winter (makes dust) and in the summer I vent the A/C slightly so as to keep the humidity down. I also have a 1921 Hobart Cable upright piano that plays beautifully so I need to keep the relative humidity in my entire house between 40 - 45%. I have sheers and blinds on all door openings and black out shades on the windows. The sheers and blinds keep cooking odors, etc. out of the room and obviously I keep the black out shades on the windows to keep out UV rays. My security system just "ices the cake!"

Why do I keep it all in one room when it would look so much better spread out? I don't have extra rooms right now. Do I want to archive it in more visually pleasing way? You BETCHA I do! But for now, I'm not able to do that. And I am not going to get rid of any of my precious items just because I don't have enough room to display them as I would really like. Just ain't happenin'!


Just off of my living room, here is the entryway to my personal wonderland!

These precious ladies are dressed in some outfits made by my pal Perla Schultz of California! The one on the left is a super-groovy set that she designed for the 2003 Groovy Get-Together. Everyone in attendance was so lucky; each received this beautiful token of Perla's generosity!

Most of these are made by Barb Byrnes of Illinois. The Kerry in front is also wearing a backpack made by Cathy Seevers of Indiana, also a gift to everyone in attendance at one of our Get-Togethers. It's SO cute. It has the Crissy face logo on it. One is dressed in another of Perla's super dresses. We haven't even got INTO the doll room yet!

Everything is somewhat grouped together by "what it is." For instance, on this wall we see all of the Ideal issued "sold separately" outfits.

Then all "heck" breaks loose... you are going to start seeing dolls modeling the hoards of aftermarket, catalog, "Sew Simple" kit, and pattern outfits that I have! I love what I do!

Above and below: Baby Crissy is a big girl, so she gets a large area to model some of her Wards catalog outfits.
The other grouping of them shows up a little later on this page.

I collect all sorts of growing hair dolls! Here is a huge growing hair doll featured on the Other Hair Play dolls page. She talks too. Love her!

This LARGE yellow wig case came with the cutest little "wiglet" in it, made by Ideal. It was designed for little future hairstylists to play with. I have it MIB too. What a cool item!

Why do I have "boys toys" Zogg the Terrible and hero "Electroman?" Cuz I love Ideal toys! I do feature Electroman on Tiffany Taylor's page. Now that I have your curiosity piqued as to why, you'll have to run over to that page to discover the answer! Trust me, it'll make perfect sense to you when you get there. {grin}

Above and below: I have most of my "Sew Simple" sewing kit outfits in two different places.

I keep most of my MIB examples in their boxes, but because I like to pick them up, examine and study them, sometimes they stay out on the shelf for awhile.

I have lots of prototype pieces. You can see some of the prototype heads from Ideal here.

Like I said, I collect alot of different growing hair dolls, and they are all from different decades. I have always thought that the Dolly Surprise line was very cute and so innovative in their function. Plus, my own daughter played with them (naturally!). I keep these Dollies displayed here and there all over the room. I have quite a few in the box and many unboxed as well.

If during this tour, you have any questions, please raise your hand! LOL Just kidding! Be sure to shoot me an email and I can redirect you to the page that answers your question(s).

The rest of the Wards catalog Baby Crissy outfits will appear here. Here are two of the three. I also have a substantial Mego Candi doll collection. She was TALL! There were two versions and two different collections of clothes. Since she was a hair play and make-up doll, one day soon, she will have her own page on this site.

The third Wards Baby Crissy outfit is on the far left, in dark pink.

I still have all of the porcelain one-of-a-kind dolls that I created in the early 90's.

This Baby Crissy is modeling an aftermarket outfit by Premier.

You've probably noticed that all of the dolls have little white wrist tags. That is one way that I keep everything ID'd. I can look at the item and recall immediately anything that I need to know about the example. This is Miki, a growing hair doll by Uneeda.

This little Cricket was misidentified on eBay as Mia since she was wearing Mia's original issue blue bubble romper (which has a tag in it labeled "Mia"). The seller had her set up as a Buy-It-Now (BIN) purchase for just $15. Even though she was covered with red stains I snapped her up and she was used as the model on the page on how to remove stains!

My "Harmony, The Music Makin' Doll" collection is grouped together here.

If we didn't put the DUCK sign here, taller folks would bump their heads! I don't waste space and can stick a shelf anywhere!

The other thing I do to protect the collection is the baby gate at the left of this pic next to the Cinnamon dolls wearing aftermarket outfits. My dog is not allowed in my living room. Period.

You're going to start seeing my Tiffany Taylor collection now. I am currently in the process of completing my catalog exclusives (for Tiffany) collection.

Here is where the brides are... they are wearing outfits made with Simplicity patterns (two on left) and two variations of the Sears exclusive bridal sets on two Tressy dolls.

Way back in 1998 (ahem), when collectors bought my book directly from me instead of the bookstore, they got the "exclusive" bookplate stamped in the front. This is where I autographed the book. I still have that stamp. No real good place to put it and occasionally I'm asked (happily!) to sign books that people already have, so I just keep it out.

I love this hand basket that Velvet is holding. Believe it or not, it's original to the outfit!

Ooops! Velvet's necklace (added by me) is turned to the back. I pick them up and inspect them pretty often. Guess I didn't rearrange her when I put her back.

This absolutely precious handmade original from Babyland General (Home of the Little People and the Cabbage Patch Kids) is a soft sculpture that was purchased for me by the most generous and wonderful friends that I have on this earth, the attendees of the 2007 Get-Together. She was "born" from Mother Cabbage right there at the "hospital" that summer morning and we all witnessed it! She appropriately enough is named "Crissy Beth." She rests comfortably in an antique cradle, lovingly restored by my best friend ever, Patrick.

I had to lay on the floor to shoot this. No wasted space here! LOL

I bought this store fixture to hold so many of the carded/hangered items that I have. It turned out to be a very good buy!

Some of my mermaids and other customized, rerooted dolls here.

Not only do we have a little slumber party going on here, but Crissy is at her Wards beauty salon getting her hair done! LOL

I have cases, tons of cases, stuck in all sorts of places.

Whew! Hope you enjoyed this mini tour! Please know that anytime you are in the Atlanta area, you are invited to stop by for tea, cookies, and a personal opportunity to see (and touch!) the collection. We'd love to have you!

Thank you for "visiting!"

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