Help! Crissy is having a bad hair day!

There are alot of things that you can do to get her hair in good shape. But one thing to remember: If her hair is played with to the point that it is fuzzy, there isn't much that can be done, short of re-rooting new hair in place.

Let's start by brushing out her hair. Simply sit down on the floor with a good brush and a large tooth comb. After making the foundation hair smooth first, divide the 'tail into smaller sections. Brush each section individually until all the tangles are out. Begin brushing at the bottom of the section and work your way up to her scalp. After all sections are tangle free, brush them all together as one.

You may wish to wash her 'tail. Use a simple soap shampoo or a bit of mild dish soap.

I have been "preaching" this point for years and years (and finally, folks are starting to "hear" me). Acrylic (a type of plastic) is not benefited by a conditioning shampoo. If Crissy had human hair, with a cuticle scale layer on it, then conditioners would be of value. Human hair products are designed to get into those cuticle scales and, here's the key point.... be washed out in a day or two. Imagine your own hair if, after a week or two, not washing out the heavy, conditioning coating that you'd put on it. Ugh. There'd be all sorts of stuff stuck to your hair. Just the same, putting those products on a doll's hair only coats the synthetic fibers and then, eventually, causes those fibers to attract dust, dirt, cooking odors, cigarette smoke and other junk. Do your doll a favor and skip the expensive conditioners. (And yes, I am a licensed hairdresser by trade so I have a "little" experience on the topic of the anatomy of a hair strand and the chemical constituency of hair products.)

Please read this key article on "conditioning" doll hair.

Using a bit of balsam type conditioner on the dry 'tail will facilitate the removal of tough tangles though. It must be rinsed out thoroughly so that the residue does not attract dust, dirt and other environmental "stuff." It's actually preferable, once you remove the tangles to WASH it out completely, but gently, so that you don't introduce more tangles.

A little curl is nice to hide the frizzies. The way to give your Crissy doll curl is easily learned, but there is a lot of things to be careful of. Trust me on this one. Below is the link for directions. PLEASE be careful doing this.

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All text, June, 2005, by Beth-Ellen Colvin