Crissy's Beauty Salons

There were two "establishments" for Crissy to visit to get her hair done. One was created by the Ideal Toy Corporation in 1973, and was probably sold for a couple of production years. The other appeared in the 1971 Wards Christmas Catalog.

This set, created by Ideal, is still mint in the box. When one slides the insert out of the box, one will encounter this set up.

Here are the contents. Besides the chair itself, the little stylist recieved a Beauty Braider, a Swirla Curler, a Hairdoodler, hairpins, small rubber bands, a cluster of flowers, various yarn ties, a "smoother" brush, a rat-tail comb and a "seat belt" to keep Cinnamon in the chair when she sat in it.

When Crissy and her family and friends sat in the chair, their knobs on their backs slid into the slot that you can see on the back of the chair. Since Cinnamon's knob was flush to her back, she required a seat belt to stay in place. You can view this next to the red yarn tie in the picture.

Besides the directions for use for the set, one recieved the directions for Velvet's Beauty Braider, Crissy's Swirla Curler and Cinnamon's Hairdoodler with the assumption that these devices could be used for all of the dolls in the family.

This unbelievably hard to find set was offered in the 1971 Wards Christmas Catalog. It included a "professional" hair dryer that blows air and whirs on batteries, chair, shampoo "board" and accessory stand for hair care equipment (which was sold separately, but on the same page). Crissy was not included in the set. This collector has only seen this set twice in many years.

Here is this set as it appears in the 1971 Wards catalog.

From the collection of Jenny Brewer, comes this photo of this super hard to find set as it came out of the original shipping carton from Wards. Thanks Jenny!

From my own collection the Made in Italy sticker is shown! Until this mint set appeared, it was unknown that it was manufactured in Europe.

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All text and photography, December, 2005, by Beth-Ellen Colvin
Updated 1/23/2011