The Ideal Toy Corporation, Buyers Catalogs

Some of the best information that a doll collector can get is information that comes directly from the company that made the doll in the first place. The buyers catalogs were distributed to store buyers so that they could see what was available for the coming production year, and then place their order for their store. Sometimes this was a big task. Imagine buying all of the dolls from just one company (like Ideal) to have enough inventory to sell in a large department store chain!

At Toy Fair, which historically speaking, is every March, these buyers guides were handed out. They were also distributed by mail.

We will explore these invaluable guides on the next few pages, to see what was offered year-by-year, from the Crissy family of dolls and accessories.

Let's begin with 1969, the year that Crissy was first made available.

This black and white hand-out was simply inserted into the color catalog itself. I believe it wasn't actually part of the catalog but maybe some sort of flyer that was handed out as people, perspective buyers, entered Toy Fair.

This beautiful, two page spread, introduces the world to Crissy! Notice how thick and full her ponytail is on this prototype doll and look how she is standing! (Please maximize your screen for a full view.)

These two pages are pretty big in reality. So to get the entire picture of the two pages on the screen, it had to be reduced significantly. However, if you one looks to upper right hand corner of the right page, look closely to see a view of the first, prototype Crissy box that never made it into production. In the picture area, not only does Crissy appear with her hair fully extended to the floor, but also four of her fashions were presented!

We see "Cape Coat & Pom-Pon Hat" (came to be known as The Fun Fur Cape), "Party Outfit" (came to be known as The Turned-On Mini), "Bell Bottoms/Blouse/Tie" (later, The City Pants Look), and "Boudoir Ensemble" (of course, we know this as The Sleeper Bells). As we all know, the box turned out to have three smaller pictures of Crissy with her hair at varying lengths.

Now just how cool is that little piece of information! Groovy little details like this will always be shared with the collecting public here at Crissy & Beth's.

Now click through the buyers catalog pages, year-to-year. Enjoy!

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All text, January, 2007, Beth-Ellen Colvin