The Ideal Toy Corporation, Buyers Catalogs

Now let's look at the 1970 offerings.

Here is Crissy as she appeared in 1970. Notice the black doll wears the previous year's outfit still.

The opposite page has the decriptions that include stock numbers, the shipping weight, and how many items were included in the deal (a deal is a large grouping of items that may or may not include a display stand or counter display, and the product itself). There must have been some last minute changes after this was printed since a new description was pasted over the first printing.

Just for fun, here is the decription of the Diana Ross doll, shown on the next page.

Here is the doll on this page.

As you have already learned by exploring this site, Velvet was "born" in 1970! Here she is shown with her first issue outfits.

Here are the descriptions for the Velvet deal.

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All text, January, 2007, Beth-Ellen Colvin