The Ideal Toy Corporation, Buyers Catalogs

I have two sets of buyers guides for 1972. Let's start with the book. The second guide is a folder with several sheets in it, each page depicting several products. In some respects, it is the same as the book.

Many of the catalogs start out the doll section with a pretty layout that shows off one or more of Ideal's "best of show." This spread is so cute! However, it does not show off any of the 1972 line of dolls... it features a 1971 Movin' Groovin' Crissy.

This is the envelope in which the buyers guide was mailed. Even they were interesting and eye-catching!

We all know about 1972's Look Around Crissy & Look Around Velvet. Wouldn't you have loved to be a toy buyer for a big department store in 1972, to be the first to see the lovely dolls?

A first look at Brandi & Dina.

Still available after their 1971 release is Talky Crissy & Talky Velvet. Notice the boxes. The six-phrase Talky Crissy was packed in a box like this. Very few Talky Velvet dolls, if any at all, were sold like this. I'm still waiting after nearly 20 years.

Velvet's Little Sister made her debut in 1972, in this catalog.

Here are one of the two clothing collections made available in 1972.

The second clothing collection found in this catalog.

Wigs for Crissy and her family & friends.

The Fashion Steamer Trunk and Luggage Line.

More accessories including the single doll case that now bears Velvet's name as well as Crissy's name.

Now let's take a peek at that folder full of sheets that feature the Ideal 1972 line of toys and dolls.

As we look as these smaller pictures, one can see that the cover of the folder (left photo) was different than the cover of the book.
There was an card insert between the categories. This is the insert that appeared before the dolls section, featuring the 1971 Movin' Groovin' Crissy issue (right photo).

These are just examples. The single sheets are very much the same as the book.

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All text, January, 2007, Beth-Ellen Colvin