The Ideal Toy Corporation, Buyers Catalogs

The following features the items found in the 1973 buyers catalog.

As mentioned previously, many of the catalogs start out the doll section with a pretty layout that shows off one or more of the dolls for the season. This spread is very unique!

1973's Beautiful Crissy with her Swirlacurler.

Here is the 1973 Velvet version.

Also new in 1973: a place for a beautiful doll to do her beautiful hair!

Here again are the Talky girls as well as Brandi & Dina.

The 1973 clothing line.

Cases and accessories for 1973.

Velvet's Little Sister has a name in 1973 and a new hair gimmick... the hairdoodler!

The first time that we see Baby Crissy in a buyers catalog is 1973. However, there must have been literature released in 1972 announcing her arrival since she shows up in some 1972 Christmas department store toy catalogs.

There's more! Click below to see what was in store for 1974!

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