The Ideal Toy Corporation, Buyers Catalogs

1974 held some BIG surprises (though some never materialized)!

Here is the presentation page for the beginning of the doll section in the 1974 catalog. It is a very sweet, endearing picture. And very large! It has been minimized in size for your enjoyment.

Baby Crissy, as she appears in 1974

The Crissy family of dolls that were offered in 1974

More 1974 doll issues

What is this!? New clothes for 1974? Unfortunately, this entire line was NEVER created.
Don't we wish it was? It was very stylish!

But would you LIKE to see what the outfits looked like in person? The detail that Ideal used to create them is wonderful. I have replicated them so that you can see this detail! See this amazing collection of Ideal-created outfits on this page.

Keep clicking... there is alot more!

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All text, January, 2007, Beth-Ellen Colvin