The Ideal Toy Corporation, Buyers Catalogs

Now we'll take a look at the Crissy and Family offerings found in the 1975 to the 1985 buyers catalogs.

The only Crissy family doll offered in the 1975 catalog is the Baby Crissy doll. It would seem that the "preteen-sized" family of dolls is now no longer. Ideal held on to Baby Crissy for quite a while though (as you shall see) since she continued to make money for the financially strapped company.

The only doll that even resembles the "old" growing hair family of dolls is the 1976 Tara issue. This doll was made with the Velvet-sized molds with a new head mold. She had so-called facial "characteristics" to make her more authentic in appearance, as she was only issued as a black doll.


One might not even recognize Magic Hair Crissy from 1977! This prototype has a very unusual open, smiling mouth! The doll was never issued in this outfit, nor was she showing her teeth when she smiled. I would bet most collectors would prefer this version of Magic Hair Crissy as opposed to the one that Ideal actually made! Check out her prototype box!

No Crissy family dolls were available through the buyers catalogs from 1978 to 1980. Here in this 1981 catalog however, we find that Baby Crissy has been reissued in her new white romper outfit. Also we find that Velvet looks a bit different! Collectors that are "in the know" are aware that this issue had cheap hair growing mechanics... a simple pullstring mechanism. This catalog shows her foundation hair parted in the middle too. In actuality, her hair was parted on the side and rather curly!

Here in this 1982 catalog, we find that it is Crissy's turn to be reissued! The hair mechanics are the same as for the 1981 reissued Velvet. And surprisingly, Ideal chose to use the older Velvet molds for the new Crissy. Today's collectors really aren't that fond of these two issues, the Country Fashion Crissy and the new Beautiful Crissy. Notice the pink plaid on the Country Fashion Crissy. This is a prototype.

The 1983 catalog gives us these versions of Crissy, the Country Fashion Crissy and the, once again, reissued Beautiful Crissy. Both of these versions are made with the Velvet molds.

Also in 1983, Ideal reused the Tressy name in these hair play dolls. Each variation of the doll came with a faux permanent wave set!

In the 1984 catalog, Baby Crissy is once again reissued. Ideal opted to basically just reuse the name. These dolls do not grow hair and to not even resemble the more "expensive to make" Baby Crissy dolls from before. These dolls are all rather cheaply made.

More reissue Baby Crissy dolls, found in this 1985 Ideal buyers catalog.

More Baby Crissy dolls. These 1985 issues are the last time that Ideal created her. When another company bought out Ideal in the late 80's, they reused the Baby Crissy name. And she did grow hair! Please see the Baby Crissy section of this site.

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All text, January, 2007, Beth-Ellen Colvin