Cases and Luggage

Throughout Crissy and her family's production period, Ideal created plenty of storage options for all of those groovy threads, snazzy shoes, and for those most important hair accessories.

The cases and luggage will be listed by year. The cases were sold wrapped in clear cellophane with a tag hanging from the handle.

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Though this case is marked 1970, it was sold in stores in 1971. It has a red handle and the inside is "quilted" vinyl.

This deluxe case is also marked 1970 but was sold in 1971. A bit larger, it could hold Crissy and a friend. One side has a hanger holder. The handle can be either red or black.

1971 - 1973, Crissy and Velvet Hair Fashion Tote

This little set was sold for three years. The cute graphics really set it off.

Once you lift the inset, you will find all sorts of goodies inside! This set is entirely complete.

Here is a close-up of the hair dryer that runs on batteries.

Just like all of the Crissy family cases, this one has a tag.

This 1971 steamer trunk was sold in the 1971 and 1972 Sears Wish Book. It came with stickers to place on the outside of the trunk to indicate all of the places that Tressy and Cricket traveled.

Additionally, this steamer trunk came with this delightful passport to log the ladies' journeys!


This steamer was copyrighted 1971 and sold in 1972.

Inside view of the 1972 Crissy Steamer Trunk

The 1972 tote, similar to the 1971 version, added Velvet's name to the front. Otherwise, it is identical. The handle is red and the inside is "quilted" vinyl.

Here is a view of the tag.

Here is a view of the back of the tag.

One might find Canadian versions of this case too. They are smooth inside, and can be either yellow or white. The handle is white instead of red.

A view of the smooth surface on the inside of this tote.

Here is a not often seen version of the Canadian tote, found in the Crissy archive. This one is a medium mustard color, a description that I coined a couple of years ago. The color is a bit like dark mustard or can even be described as harvest gold. Several of these Canadian cases have passed through the archive in past years.

Here is the inside. It is smooth and also mustard colored.

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