1973 and 1974 Spiegel for Velvet

Equally as hard to find as most of the other Spiegel Catalog outfits is this complete set of 1973 issued clothing, jewelry, and accessories (the 1974 set was identical and did not change). This set has not seen "fresh" air since it was packaged! Upon opening it was noted that the clothing was very stiff and heavily starched. Starch turns brownish over the years so some of the clothing items are not white where they should be white.

This is what the unopened package looks like. Within it are the clothes, brush, comb, phone, hangers, a small stapled packet that holds the smaller items, and a small piece of paper that shows the catalog picture and text photocopied on it.

These are the smaller items.

This adorable coat matches one of the dresses in the set. The beret is just adorable.

The dress that is meant to be worn under the coat.

A precious little plaid school dress! The original catalog shows the belt to be white. However, one can plainly see that it is not.

How cute is this! Velvet is also modeling one of the necklaces that is original to the set.

The top that goes with this pantsuit is clearly tan with stripes, not white with stripes as shown in the catalog. As mentioned, these items are heavily starched. The starch has turned brown with age. This phenomenon also appears quite frequently on Crissy's 1973 and 1974 Tennis Dress and Shorts.

This collector has not decided yet whether to treat it with an oxygen bleach cleaner. At this point, the set is being left "as is" since it is so perfect and complete.

The neck chain is original to the set.

The layout from the 1973 Spiegel Catalog (Velvet's set is on the left, Crissy's on the right).

The catalog picture shows one of the butterfly barrettes as also seen in the 1970 set that is paired with Velvet's ballerina outfit. However, it is missing from the small packet. The catalog description says that 19 pieces would be included, and indeed, there are 19 pieces. Perhaps the butterfly was accidentally added to the picture? Or maybe it was decided to exclude it after the picture was taken?

The layout from the 1974 Spiegel Catalog.

As with other Spiegel sets, this group of clothing and accessories is low quality. They are not sewn well and the white pants are even missing half of a snap.

One may have noticed our model's exquisite long ponytail. No, it is not original to the doll. She arrived to the Atlanta, Georgia archives with no 'tail, yet her face was so plump and cute, she begged for restoration.

Additionally, unlike previous years, Spiegel did not include their own style of Velvet shoes. So our model is appropriately modeling original Ideal created shoes.

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All text and photography, October 2009, Beth-Ellen Colvin