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Eaton's was a Canadian company. Here are the known outfits found in the Eaton's catalogs. Most of the time, outfits and accessories started appearing in the 1969 catalogs of the time period (the same year Crissy was "born," but in this case she did not appear in the 1969 Eaton's book.

The Eaton's catalog and the Canadian Simpson-Sears catalog showed Crissy's "The Fun Fur Cape" in forest green. This does not mean that it is a Canada-only exclusive. The one in my personal archive came in the usual box, and tagged for sale at a US department store. (This scan is from the 1970 Eaton's catalog.)
A scan from the 1971 Eaton's catalog. Only Crissy and Velvet and Ideal Toy Corp. issued clothes were available. No catalog exclusives were offered.
In this 1972 Eaton's book, a very nice collection of outfits was offered. One will see that some American JCPenney exclusives were included in this collection. Why? They were produced by the same company in Hong Kong and sold to various catalog outlets. Therefore, they really weren't "exclusives" by any means.
1972 Eaton's Catalog outfits. The lavender pantsuit is made of a different textured fabric than one will find on the U.S. catalog versions (this set was also sold in the JCPenney catalog). This one has a sash that is not pink like usual.
1972 Eaton's, two variations of the sailor dress. One is a "watered" moire' fabric (right) and the other is a plain peach-colored taffeta. The differences are barely discernable.
1972 Eaton's, two variations of the gingham dress. By now, you've also probably noticed that several of the 1972 Eaton's outfits were sold by Simpson's-Sears, also of Canada.
In the catalog, the packaging wasn't shown. Two outfits were sewn to a card. Then the card was enclosed in a plastic sleeve. The outfits were then placed in a thin brown cardboard box for shipment.
Here are two other outfits, still sewn to their cards. Some of these outfits were also sold by JC Penney (U.S.). Each outfit was sewn singly on a card.
1972 Eaton's Catalog outfits for the smaller set. You will notice that some of the outfits can be found in the 1971 and 1972 JCPenney catalogs (see page 3 link below). Under that adorable plaid dress on the far right are a pair of panties, made from the same green fabric of the dress.
This doll, also found in the 1972 Eaton's catalog, deserves "honorable mention!" Look closely.... yes, that is Crissy's body, minus the growing hair mechanism, and she is wearing Crissy's white shoes. Who is she??? Some would call her Crissy competition but she isn't, as this Canadian version didn't grow hair. Ideal leased the body molds to a French company call Clodrey. Their dolls were not only sold in France, but in Canada as well. And guess what? One could buy them in very high end toy shops in the US as well. Neat huh!

Clodrey also created the French version of Crissy, using this head mold but Crissy's body, arms and legs. Her hair grew by means of a pull string. The clothing was different on the French dolls, a completely different line of fashions. You may see her at this link.

These cute outfits, exclusive to the 1973 Eaton's catalog, turn up quite often. They seem to have enjoyed a rather large production and distribution.
1973 Eaton's catalog outfits. The two red dresses on the right on Crissy and Dina (all dolls are Canadian issues) are made of the same red double-knit fabric. This set of PJs is a cotton woven fabric, but more often than not, they were sold in a double-knit version (see next picture).
These two sets for Velvet sized dolls arrived in the archives together. Both are double-knit. The skirt is elasticized at the waist and covers a white, short culotte, that is adorned with two small brass buttons, and is closed with snaps. An American Velvet models the skirt set.
The 1974 Eaton's catalog offered the same seven outfits that they did in 1972. The spine on the catalog in the archive is very tight and very difficult to scan. Therefore, it is hard to see the outfits close to the spine. Please review the picture above from the 1972 book.

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