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There are no catalog clothing exclusives in the 1969 JCPenney catalog. I am however, providing this picture since it shows the paler pink version of "The Fun Fur Cape." This is perhaps, just a fluke. A few of these paler pink versions have appeared in their boxes from other stores, with the price sticker still on them.
From 1969 to 1970, JCP did not offer catalog clothing exclusives. But in the 1971 catalog, one will find outfits from both the Ideal Toy Corp. and three exclusive outfits. Here are Crissy's outfits.
Here are Velvet-sized outfits from the '71 JCP catalog.
Several Crissy family dolls modeling the 1971 JCPenney outfits. The purple pantsuit is the American version of an Eaton's catalog outfit, page 2. This one is a bit darker and has a finer knit pattern to it.
Here are the 1972 JCPenney catalog outfits for Crissy & Velvet sized dolls.
The 1973 catalog clothes were the same as 1972.
The last time Crissy & Velvet sized catalog clothes showed up in a JCP catalog is in 1974. They really weren't any different than previous years.
As mentioned, the 1972, 1973, and 1974 JCP catalogs offered the same six outfits, as modeled at left. I'm not normally one to "mix catalog" issues. But this adorable Sears exclusive Cricket doll was purchased wearing this JCP outfit. Take note of her shoes; they are made by Premier, an aftermarket doll clothes company. They were purchased with a label on them that mentions Velvet's name (and likewise, her same sized friends).
The jumpsuit (with matching red vinyl jacket), came in two variations. I'm sure that you've noticed that the apple print is the same print from Velvet's "Pulled Together" maxi-dress.

When a JCP exclusive outfit was purchased at the store itself, it was sold in packaging like this. Note that the chain belt varies.
If one purchased from the mail-order catalog, it was packaged like this.
Other examples of MIP outfits sold by JCPenney.

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