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Sears (US)

The ultimate exclusive outfit that was offered by Sears in the US was the 1969 "marabou" gown, as collectors like to call it. It came in three versions. Please see the "Crissy's Closet" section to see all of the versions. This doll was sold as a white only doll. The black version was not available in this catalog, so therefore, you will never find a black hair to the floor Crissy wearing this dress (making it historically inappropriate as well, since this doll was never sold in the marabou gown). <
There were no exclusive catalog outfits to be found in the 1970 & 1971 Sears Wishbooks. However, in 1972, one could purchase either the The Wedding Belles sets (consisted of Tressy with her wedding gown ensemble or Cricket with her bridesmaid ensemble) or one might choose to buy one of the exclusive gowns without a doll. The collector will find either set on pretty much any doll when they are shopping for dressed dolls.
Two different sets were offered in the 1972 Sears Wishbook for Velvet-sized dolls and Crissy-sized dolls. Velvet could wear outfits from the "Go Mix and Match" set and Crissy was provided outfits from the "Weekender Set."
As usual, the collector will find some variations in the outfits. Also, the hair adornments are not original to the outfits. However, take special note of those highly unusual red Crissy shoes! In all the years that I've been archiving these dolls, I've never seen another pair.
Here are Velvet's outfits as found in the 1972 Sears catalog.

The 1973 Sears Wishbook also sold a "Weekender" set and a "Go Mix and Match" set for the girls. The outfits were completely different than the ones sold in 1972.

No catalog exclusive outfits were sold in catalogs from Sears after 1973.

Above: 1973 Sears outfits for Crissy (left) and Velvet (right).

Don't we love variations!?
Palazzo pants set variation.

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