We continue with pictures of outfits sold by various catalog outlets.

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Simpsons-Sears (Canada)

The Sears stores in Canada were known as Simpsons-Sears for a number of years. Eventually, like the US store chain, it was known as Sears.

From 1969, when Crissy was originally sold, until 1971, there were no catalog exclusive outfits sold for the doll line. While there was nothing "Crissy" sold in the 1969 book, the 1970 book sold a number two Crissy in the orange lace issue dress, hair to her bum. The 1971 book offered a Beautiful Crissy, Gorgeous Tressy and a Velvet doll (purple a-line dress). Finally, in 1972, a collection of exclusive clothes were sold....

Here are the 1972 outfits for both sized dolls (above).

Here are the outfits for Crissy, sold in the 1973 Simpsons-Sears catalog.

And here are Velvet's outfits from the 1973 Simpsons-Sears catalog.

Above, the outfits for both sized dolls found in the 1974 Simpsons-Sears book.

Not much was offered in the 1975 book, but there were three outfits for Crissy sold.

Here are all of the Simpsons-Sears outfits for Crissy. Since the outfits were duplicated year-to-year, we'll illustrate them all in one photo. Some of these lovely and mint outfits were purchased with the beautiful, drop-dead mint Swirla-Curla Crissy on the far left. The tangerine gingham dress also appears in the archive in a pink version.

Simpsons-Sears outfits for Velvet and her same sized friends.

Outfits courtesy C.Seevers, Indiana. Here are a couple variations on one of the Simpsons-Sears outfits for Velvet.

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