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There were no exclusive clothes sold in the 1969 Wards toy catalog but one could buy this cool hair care set with their hair to the floor number one Beautiful Crissy.
Quite a few outfits were made available for both sized dolls in this 1970 Wards catalog. There are a ton of variations on these outfits! The factory in Hong Kong used several fabrics and different color variations on the same fabric. There are literally HUNDREDS of variations!

Only five outfits are represented here, but one gets a feel for how many variations there are of this particular set of clothing from 1970. Additionally, since the early Wards outfits were made by Totsy, Totsy also sold some of the same patterns, in different fabrics, under their own label.

The 1970 Wards coat was sold in several colors, but when sold under the Totsy label, there was a scarf enclosed in the package. Tights were included with the A-line jumper, as shown on the doll wearing the pink version.

Here are two more variations on two of the Wards outfits. The Crissy wearing the striped outfit is also wearing two blue "barrettes" from the 1970 hair care set. She is also "borrowing" a peace sign necklace from "The Peace Poncho."

The Kerry is wearing a black and yellow version of the above referenced blouse and skirt set. The one above is navy and yellow.

This is the coolest of the 1970 Wards coats (imho). Here it is in a plaid variation!
The pants/poncho outfit is identical to the 1970 Aldens set, shown on page 1. There are plenty of variations of plaid for this outfit. Wards Joann (who was supposed to be exclusive to the catalog, but really wasn't) is being used to model one of the overall outfits. On Velvet, modeling the red version of this outfit, one notes a pair of Premier Velvet shoes. And Mia is sporting a very hard to find pair of brown shoes, featured on the shoe page of this website.

Incidentally, the Velvet shown on the far left has been "re-tailed." When she was acquired, she was missing her original ponytail. Velvet was not sold with a "hair to the floor" feature like the early 1969 Crissy. That notion died out within six months of Crissy's production and the idea was never used again, recalling that Velvet was first released in 1970. If one finds a doll with hair that seems unusually long, the rubber band holding the 'tail in place might have slipped, causing the hank of hair to come loose and some strands to pull away from the base of the 'tail. Mia can, however, be found with longer hair, but not usually to the floor.

Here is the top that goes under the poncho outfit.
Here are the 1971 exclusive outfits. Here again, the collector will be able to locate hundreds of variations due to all of the fabrics used to make them.

Plenty of variations exist in the rhumba skirt/shorts/top set. Not only will one locate this set in a loud flower print, but one might also find it constructed with any one of the varying fabrics that the 1971 Wards Velvet nightgown (see below) is made of. Those red tights that are being modeled by Kerry with the polka-dot dress are indeed original to the set, as are the varying colors of tights modeled with the tunic dress on the right.

Here are some variations in the Velvet-sized wrap skirt/shorts/top set on the far left. Additionally, the red polka-dot swing dress in the center was sold with tights. While one would expect the tights to actually be red, finding them in other colors shouldn't be surprising. This red dress, paired with yellow tights, was acquired for the archive in a complete set of 1971 Wards outfits for Velvet. Therefore, the tights were more than likely sold with this dress, even though they obviously do not match.

Here is a detail shot of the top that goes under the poncho set pictured above.
This very nice set of outfits was sold in the 1972 Wards book. A hair care set was available too

Again, we find that Wards in 1972, offered their outfits in many fabric variations. When determining if a set is a variation, look at the construction of the outfit. If it compares with another set in your collection, being made the same way and being the exact size, it is more than likely a variation of the outfit.

The green dress on the right was sold with white tights, as modeled on the Crissy in the middle of these three models.

Here are the outfits from the 1972 Wards catalog for Velvet-sized dolls.

The dress also came in a very sweet polka-dot variation.

Here are the clothes for Crissy and Velvet, found in the 1973 Wards catalog.

There aren't quite as many variations found in the outfits from the 1973 Wards catalog. The shorts set can be found in quite a few colors though, perhaps the most unusual color being the strange mustard colored set.

For Velvet and her same-sized friends, we see this cute set from the 1973 Wards catalog. On the pantsuit with the smiley print, the original tie is still attached to the waist. The heart variation is very sweet but not found as often as the smiley outfit. The PJs on the far right were made for this and the next two years, with quite a few different fabrics. The necklaces are not original to this set and were added by this collector.
Here are the outfits that Wards sold for Cinnamon in 1973.
Darn cute isn't she in her outfits from Wards!

Here is the entire set of outfits for Cinnamon from Wards. The blue jumpsuit and the housecoat are provided courtesy Tracy Black, of Maryland.

Here is a very nice set of exclusive outfits from the 1974 Wards toy catalog. Again, there can be several color variations for each outfit.
This pretty 1974 Beautiful Crissy with Twirly Beads is appropriately dressed in this 1974 Wards outfit consisting of a yellow, button-in-the-back blouse and paper-bag top skirt, as seen in the above picture from that Wards catalog.

While archiving this family of dolls, I've tried to match outfits and dolls by year (i.e. putting 1974 catalog outfits on 1974 issue dolls).

Vintage barrette is not original to the outfit.

Here is evidence that some of the later Wards outfits were made by the Peggy Ann Doll Clothes Company. The green dress was also sold by Peggy Ann as well as Wards. The two outfits on the right, being modeled on Velvet, can be found in these as well as other colors, from Peggy Ann. And once again, here are those PJs (same as the 1973 set), only in another fabric variation. It is impossible to tell what year a set of these PJs were sold, if one finds them by themselves, since they were constructed all the same way. However, if one buys a lot that contains the entire set of outfits from 1974, then the assumption is that they are from 1974.

An especially wonderful set of exclusive clothes are these Wards outfits for Baby Crissy, from 1974.
It's not unusual for a Baby Crissy to appear in the lavender diaper set as she is shown here. This Baby arrived in her box, with a Wards catalog routing sticker on it, with all four of the 1974 Wards outfits enclosed. Quite a few Baby Crissy dolls from Wards can be found MIB wearing lavender. We have enlisted the aid of four other Baby Crissy dolls to help model these exquisite outfits.
Here are the 1975 Wards outfits.
If these outfits hadn't been purchased from the original owner, it may have been impossible to determine that they are 1975 Wards exclusives. In fact, this set, along with another identical set (including the outfits, the dolls, and the Miner Industries cases -sold on the same page) were purchased from the mother of identical twins. The short set is certainly identifiable as it looks just like it did in the picture in the catalog. The skirt and top are a completely different color and print, but one can tell from the picture that they are the same. However, the PJs are constructed completely different than the set illustrated in the catalog picture. In fact, they are made just like the one shown on page 1, in the 1973 Aldens catalog! Both sets, from the twins, were completely the same, thus giving more evidence that these PJs were indeed purchased from the 1975 Wards catalog. (The mom's memory also was very good; she remembered when and where she bought the sets!)
How sweet! Here are the really nice outfits for Baby Crissy from the 1975 Wards book.
Here is another Wards Baby Crissy that arrived to the archive in her box along with her three catalog exclusive outfits. Interestingly, the 1975 catalog shows her wearing lavender, but this one wears pink, the exact opposite of the 1974 set shown above.
This is a baby blue variation of the Wards catalog exclusive PJ set, as shown above in pink.

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