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The final production year for clothes was 1973 (though one could find several of the outfits from this and previous years as leftover stock in a store for probably a few more years). This year, it was called the The Sweet 'N Lovely Collection.

Reissued from 1972 were Hippie Happening and Funky Feathers. An additional four outfits were created. They were called: Summer Social, Double Dip, Skimmer, and The Dreamer. Again, these four new outfits were sold on green cards as pictured on page 3.

Can't you see Crissy in the backyard by the pool, on a summer evening serving her friends Shirley Temples? Summer Social is well-named! The brown flocked sash is usually missing.

Double Dip came in two variations. The colors are similar, but the orange print is slightly different on one set. The necklace is added and not original.

Skimmer is a super-sweet dress! It came with little white panties with lace trim on them.

This lovely dress known as The Dreamer was given to me for the archive. It was on her childhood doll! What a lovely gift!

And finally, there are the Sears Exclusive gowns:

One can find several variations of the Wedding Belles gowns. Tressy's bride set can either have a veil or a flower, or the flower might be used instead for a "bouquet." One never knows. Cricket's bridemaid outfit is super cute. Incidentally, this is a hard to find "blue-eyed" Cricket. Her hair is always a darker red, not cinnamon colored like Cinnamon's hair. Not only could you buy these bridal sets included with Tressy and Cricket, but they were sold separately in the catalog for your other dolls.

There were three variations of the 1969 Sears Catalog Exclusive gown. Modern-day collectors call it the "marabou" gown. The first version is a very rich fabric with gold threads running horizontally through it. It is lined with orange fabric. The second version is made identically except the outer fabric is a cheaper striped fabric. It is lined as well. The third version is a simple tube, made of the same fabric as the second one, but it is not lined. It is the cheapest and most inferior of the three. It would only be appropriate to put this dress on a hair-to-the-floor doll, as it was sold no other way, than in her box from Sears.

Here is a shot of the blister-packed, and sold-separately shoes for Crissy.

And finally.... what about 1974? Did Ideal make outfits for the dolls issued that year? Actually, some were designed and prototypes were made. But the line was scrapped. To see these outfits, click here.

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