Crissy even has a place to hang her clothes!
But she has so many, you might need three or four of these.


Crissy And Beth

Ideal released this cute clothing rack set in 1971 and it continued into 1972. It has two garment bags, one a bit longer than the other.

Crissy And Beth

Here is a complete set, assembled. Notice the shoe rack at the bottom (shoes and clothes were not included). It has a raised ridge on it that the heels sit above, to keep the shoes from sliding off. There are cute little orange bows tied to the hangers on top of the garment bags.

Crissy And Beth

This is a Clothes Rack and Closet Set that is "never removed from the box" (NRFB). Here it is as it comes out of the box, still wrapped in tissue.

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All text and photography, March, 2007, Beth-Ellen Colvin