November 30, 2013: Crissy just got home from her summer vacation in Europe! Read here to see this fantastic update. wishes to thank Lee & Georgia Neff from Peoria, Illinois for hosting her travels.

July 2013: Crissy attends the Groovy Get-Together with Beth. Fun times!

January 29, 2008: The Vacation Crissy project is concluded. Please go to this link to read my final thoughts and comments.

And thank you to each and every host around the world who shared in this project, giving of yourselves, your time and all that you have to offer the Crissy family collecting community. Luv&Peace, Beth

The following is Crissy's Travel Journal and how it progressed as she traveled. Please enjoy.

Hi everyone!

Guess what? *I* am ON vacation! I am visiting all of my friends in the United States, with a jaunt down to Australia and then a side trip to Canada. I am having the time of my life. My vacation is a year-long project. Please click on the links below to see where I've been and what I've been up to. You would NOT believe the fun I've had.

Each time that I visit with one of my hosts, we write about it together in my "real" journal. It travels with me everywhere I go. But before I leave for my next destination, my host helps me create an on-line version to share with you! Read on ... and enjoy what we've written.

Thanks for letting me tell you about it...
xoxo, Crissy

Date: November 1, 2005
Today I visited with my friend Beth, where she works, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Here are my pictures:
Here I am in front of the company logo. >
Here I am with Tami, Beth and Camille. >
Here I am with Jill. >
Children's was honored by being named a top ten children's hospital. I am standing in front of a giant cover of the magazine that announced it. I feel very small. >
Here I am with Lauren. She is very pretty. >
This is the front of the building where Beth works. >
I stood all day in Beth's cubicle. People stopped to look at me and reminisce about me in 1969. My legs were tired. >
Here I am again, in Beth's cube. She plays her ipod on a nifty little dock with speakers. I liked that. >
Well tomorrow, the 14th, I'll be on my way to Ohio. Wonder who I get to vacation with first? I can't wait!
XOXO, Crissy

Date: November 27, 2005
Here is the link to read all about my latest stop on my vacation. I visited Cheryl in Coshocton Ohio!
My visit with Cheryl. >
Here is the link to see *ALL* of the pictures from my trip to Ohio!
Photos >

Love, Crissy

Date: December 12, 2005
I arrived in St. Louis on Thursday, December 1, 2005. I met Deby right at her office. Deby works for the St. Louis Convention Center and the Edward Jones Dome, where the St. Louis Rams play. She was busy but took me around to meet her co-workers. They all thought it would be really fun to travel around like I am. Unfortunately, Deby was leaving for Washington, DC the very next day, so we didnít get to do very much on my first day here. Deby invited me to Washington, but I have a trip planned there in a few months, so I thought it would be best just to hang out until Deby got back on Sunday.

Deby got back late Sunday night, she was really tired, so we just hung out around her house. It was starting to get cold but we went outside to get a picture by the Christmas decorations her husband Randy put up while she was gone. I helped put out the candy canes.

On Monday, we went to pick out a Christmas tree at Home Depot. It was fun. The girl who helped us with the tree, asked who I was. She thought my trip sounded fun.

I got a picture taken with her, too. >

Me at Home Depot in front of the poinsettias. Arenít they pretty! >

By the tree. >

On Tuesday, I went back to work with Deby. Working in a Convention Center is a very busy place. But Deby and her friends made sure I got to see some neat things.

Visiting with Cindy, Willie, and Heather. >

On the field, Cindy loaned me a Rams hat. It was a little big! >

On the field. >

In this picture, I am way up top in the stadium, in dome control. >

Here I am in Dome Control, wearing headphones. >

Me and Margie. Margie had Crissy dolls when she was a little girl! She got her first one for Christmas in 1971. >

Debyís boys were too shy to get their picture taken with me, so Deby took my picture with pictures of the boys!!

This is Tyler. >

This is me and Debyís son Andrew. >

Here is Matthew. >

Here I am with my souvenirs. >

I got a Rams hat, mug, and pin. The pin is shaped like a guitar. The guitar is one of my favorite instruments!

Tonight, I am celebrating Tylerís birthday. Heís 11 years old! We are going out to dinner and then Iím going to bed early. Iíve had a great time here, but Iím off to my next adventure tomorrow!

XOXO, Crissy

Date: 12-16-05

I got to Cedar City, Utah on Friday afternoon. Ned brought my box in but Mary didn't get home to open it up and let me out until Friday night. Boy was it nice to be out! Mary introduced me to her children Maya and Tristan. Her daughter Maya and I got along right away! I spent the first night in a bunk bed next to Maya's bed.


On Saturday we decided to make Christmas tree ornaments.

Maya and I chatted the entire time. >

Next we baked some Amish friendship bread that Mary wanted to take to her patients at work.

Tristan helped but mostly Maya and I did the mixing. >


Today was Sunday and we stayed at home and watched the new "Willie Wonka" DVD. Mary made me a ski jacket with a Utah patch so I wouldn't feel cold.


Today was Monday. Ned and Mary showed me around town. Cedar City was founded in 1861 as an "Iron Mission", by the Mormon President at the time, Brigham Young. They needed iron ore and found it was plentiful here. It was named Cedar City, as the founding settlers saw an abundance of Juniper trees and mistakenly called them "Cedar" trees. It is located in southwest Utah at the base of a mountain and at the edge of a desert. The elevation is about 5,800 feet and the population is almost 24,000.

Here I am in front of the sign with Mary (I think she is SO cute!.) >

Mary's husband Ned drove us all over town.

He is funny!>


On Tuesday they took me to see the (vacant for winter), Shakespearean Festival. It is one of only seven such outdoor theatres in the U.S. I even got to go up on stage and pose under the balcony.

Shakespearean Festival1 >

Shakespearean Festival2 >

Shakespearean Festival3 >

Shakespearean Festival4 >


On Wednesday Mary worked for a friend. I couldn't go with her as she cares for Hospice patients.

Here is a picture of us together before she left for work. >


On Thursday and Friday we just baked and delivered presents. Today is Christmas Eve. On our way to Mary's Mom's house, we found 2 Mormon missionaries on her driveway. They asked about me and we took pictures. They gave me a Mormon book. I told them I wasn't going to read it but they told me to keep it anyway. Mary and Ned thought it was hysterical. Well, what else would be more fitting when visiting Utah than to meet the Mormons!

These guys are CUTE! >


Today was Christmas. I had my own stocking along with Maya and Tristan. Maya helped me open mine.

Me and my stocking. >

I got a new hairbrush, a scarf and some hairclips.

I got to hang out with one of Mary's Crissy dolls who was dressed up for Christmas. >

I have had fun here in Utah but I am excited about my next destination.

Happy Holidays!


Date: February 16, 2006

Hi! Me again! I GOT WAYLAID but I'm happy to say I'm back on track (and out of that box) in Colorado where I visited Katrin. I am in Alabama now and can't wait to see what I get to do. Cya soon!

XOXO, Crissy

Date: February 28, 2006

Hello my friends,

I just left Alabama for California.

Here is my journal entry (I just had the bestest time!!!). >


Date: March 19, 2006

I'm on my way to Illinois! But I bet you'd like to read about what I've been up to in HOLLYWOOD!! >



Date: April 10, 2006

I just left Peoria, Illinois from my friend Georgia's house. I had a GREAT time. Wait until you see what I did (what a GREAT time I had at the Medieval Faire), the places that I visited, and then meet the new friends that I made!

I'm on my way to Atlanta for a couple days to drop off some of my things. I'm really getting tired of carrying all of my souvenirs around. From there I'm on my way to Washington DC and Maryland. Can't wait! Cya'll soon!

Hugs'n Kisses

Date: May 8, 2006

Wow! I got to visit Tracy in Maryland. Did you know that is close to Washington, D.C.? Oh, I guess you did. I didn't but now I do!

My friend Beth made an editorial decision to make my on-line journal entry a PDF document (like a few of my other journal entries) because I have LOTS of pictures. She was afraid that it would take too long to load on some of my friends' computers.

I'm now on my way to California. I can't wait to meet my friend Cathy in person. Won't be long now!


Date: May 31, 2006

Hello to all of my wonderful friends! I'm on my way to Sunny Florida! I sure did have a grand time, though, in Fallbrook, California with Cathy. At first I thought spending time on a college campus would be a gas! But I had a little too much fun. I didn't know I was still such a party animal!

This girl had fun! > I'll be checking in soon. Wonder if I'll get a tan like Brandi and Dina's in the next two weeks?

Kiss, kiss,

Date: June 19, 2006

Wow! Did you know that the weather if Florida, in the spring, is a little scary? You've got to read my journal entry that details my visit to Sory and her family. Her family is so warm and inviting and she has neat pets too.

And ya know what??? I am already in Maine! I have to hand to the US Postal Service; just a short nap and there I was!


Date: July 7, 2006

Hello my dear friends! I just left from Maine. I visited with Peggie! Her friends and family are so much fun! I really enjoyed staying with a family and doing the "Fourth" with them. And may I say that Maine is a VERY interesting and fun place to visit? I highly recommend it. You simply must read this entry in my journal. Great pictures too! Don't forget to look for me climbing on Stephen King's gate. I hope he didn't notice. {giggle}

Peggie didn't tell me where I was going. I guess I'll just wait and see. Talk to you soon!!

Hugs'N Kisses,

Date: July 18, 2006

Hello everybodeeeee! Well like I said, my friend Peggie didn't mention where I was going. It was a surprise for me! I thought I was scheduled to go to Illinois next. But no! When I got to my destination, boy was I ever surprised... it was Beth, Hunter and Miles! I was home so that I could attend the 2006 Crissy & her Friends Groovy Get-Together.

Here is the entry in my journal.

I'm off to Illinois. Cya soon!


Date: August 3, 2006

Yeeeeehawwww! Boy howdy, did I ever have fun in Winnebago, Illinois! I'm just about to depart for my next destination but I just couldn't wait to jump on the computer and tell ya all about my new favorite pastime... Horseback Riding! While I was at Lori's house, I had a thoroughly relaxing time and got to know Lori and her family. They have a neat home with horses and kitty cats and other critters. (That reminds me.... I really miss little Hunter.)

I think everyone who goes on vacation MUST go on a mandatory horseback ride.

Meet Lori and her family!

Seeya soon!

Cuddles and Kisses,

Date: August 22, 2006

May I just say that this country is gorgeous! I'm am traveling again but before I left, I just had to tell you all about my vacation stop in South Dakota. Such beautiful country! And my friend Linda is a fabulous host. She let me help at her job, and she made me an outfit! She took me to some way-cool places. You just have to read all about my fun & interesting trip to Linda's!

Seeya soon!


Date: September 7, 2006

Ahhhhh, Sunny California! I got to visit with Jody, Sydney (her adorable daughter) and the rest of the Olson family. It was soooooo relaxing. I totally love museums and landmarks, and Jody showed me some of the best Simi Valley has to offer. Go to my latest journal entry to see how much fun I had on my final United States vacation destination. I love summer. It's going to be hard to see it go.

However, I will be on my way to Australia shortly. I hear it is almost Spring there! Is that true? Can't wait to find out and I'll give my report soon!

Lotsa hugs and kisses,

Date: September 22, 2006

Hello my fabulous friends! I am out and about down here in Australia. Beautiful country, lovely friends. I'm having so much fun! I am about to depart for another Aussie friend's home but I had to drop in to tell you where I am and what I am doing. I must thank my dear friend Liz for taking me to Sydney and also for taking me to the Australia Zoo. I feel very honored to have been able to pay my respects to Steve Irwin while I was here. I miss him already!

Please take a moment to read all about my fun in Oz.

Hugs from down under!

P.S. Oh!! The weather is gorgeous here! Might make it hard for me to go back to North America where it will no doubt be cold when I return!

Date: October 29, 2006

Hi! Itís me!

I just left Judyís house for Taniaís. Thought Iíd take a moment though to tell you about my visit at Judyís. Judy wasnít feeling well so we didnít get to do all the things she wanted but I must say, I had fun anyway and I really enjoyed having some rest time. She has a lovely family! Judyís daughters, Stephanie and Jessica, and I put on a play with their other dolls.

We also had a tea party.

I have some photos to share with you, but Judy tells me they arenít ready yet. Soon as we get them, I will post them!


Date: November 7, 2006

Hello to my wonderful friends!

Tania and I emailed Beth in Atlanta, all of my latest pictures. They can be found here. Can you believe we shot 81 pictures!? What a lovely visit I've had. I'm so happy that I had an opportunity to rest up a bit before I arrived. Pinky (aka Tania) kept me very busy. I learned so much about creating fashions at univeristy. And wow, have I dined on some interesting things. Now go read about!

I'm off for my visit to Jason's place. Then I'm on my way to Canada.

Crissy Down-Under

Date: January 1, 2007

Hi! I know you are wondering where I am. I am still in Australia but hope to be in Canada soon. I will keep you apprised of my journies!


Hi everyone!
I'm on my way to Canada! I'm so excited to see Doralee. Hope I'm there soon. This is my new Aussie Gown. It has all the Australian wildflowers and I even have my own genuine leather Australian Bush hat. Lisa and Jason gave it to me.
Crissy xx

Date: March 29, 2007

Hi!!! While I've been here at DoraLee's place, I've had the best time! Please let me share with you what I've been doing. And you'll just never guess! DoraLee and I were featured in the local newspaper! Click here to read the article. I'm so excited about this!

I've really had such a lovely time getting to know Doralee, Ashlee, her daughter, and the rest of her family. She also has very lovely friends who welcomed me every step of my way. I am going to miss them all!

There were quite a few pictures from my visit here. To see them all in one place, please click here.

I'm on my way to Amanda's now! Talk to ya soon!


Date: April 23, 2007

Hello Everyone!
I am in transit again... on my way to see Linda in British Columbia. I can hardly wait. Canada is a blast so far! Please read about my visit to Amanda's house. She has the most adorable children! I so enjoyed my visit with her and her wonderful family. Wait until you see my picture with Amanda near the end of my journal entry. Oh, and the picture of me in my sleeping bag, laying next to her daughter, Beth. They are both just the cutest pictures!
Talk to you all very soon!
Huggies & Kissies, Crissy

Date: June 9, 2007

Hi! I just wrapped up my visit with Linda in Canada. I am now visiting Raina and am back in the States. Very shortly, I will be updating you with an entry about my visit with Linda.
Kisses and hugs,

Date: June 29, 2007

Hey everyone! I'm already at Steve's place in Boston. Thought I'd take a moment though to update you on my stay at Raina's home in lovely Portland, Oregon, a place that Beth C is very familiar with. She grew up just north on the other side of the river in Vancouver, Washington! That's where, when she was 7 years old, she really, really wanted a doll just like me, but never got one. Other than that, she has fond memories of Vancouver/Portland, like going to a shopping center called Lloyd Center and visiting friends on The Heights. I didn't get to look up any of her childhood friends up though (like Jennifer Wilson).

I had a lovely time at Raina's home, meeting other "girls" just like me, going to work with Raina, and doing real family things. I felt like part of the family! This time, my entry is very large cuz Raina and I had so much fun, we couldn't stop taking pictures! Please click here and please be patient while it loads on your screen.

Many thanks to Raina & her family! I had a great time!


Date: July 21, 2007

I'm home with Beth and Hunter. Wow what a whirlwind this last year and a half have been. I had so much fun in Boston with Steve. Please read my journal update. Me? I'm going to take a nap. I have to get my rest since the 2007 "All That Glitters" Crissy & her Friends Groovy Get-Together starts this coming weekend! Can't wait!


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