Crissy's Hair Dryer, Her Wigs and her Hair Care Set

Our wonderful doll had some neat things to take care of her hair at home. One of them is her soft-cap hair dryer. She also had a marvelous hair care set. And if she couldn't do a THING with her hair, she could always cover it with a wig!

Crissy's soft-cap hair dryer operated on batteries and blew cool air.

Here are the instructions that were included in the box.

Every girl has her "bad hair days" and Crissy is no different. This Way-out Wig set included a rat-tail hairbrush, just like the brush that came in Crissy's issue box in the early days, a Styrofoam wig stand, and instructions on how to get all that hair under this rather ill-fitting wig!

Here are the instructions.

If one bought this set from a store catalog, it was shipped in a plain white or brown cardboard box. It included the instructions, brush, and wig stand. The wig and stand were wrapped in white tissue paper.

Here is the back of the instructions, featuring the "afro" style and the "layered look" style.

Not only could you get a layered look wig, but an "afro" wig was available too.

This magnificant set included a paperboard "mirror" with Crissy's face on the front of it, small and larger pink clip-curlers, a "heater" stand for the curlers, rat-tail brush, rat-tail comb, and a hairspray can that held water. The "heater" lit up and was battery powered. It didn't really heat the curlers up all that much. All of this was housed in a plastic tray. One did not throw away the tray upon unpacking the set. One was supposed to set the "mirror" in a slot in the tray in order to make it stand up.

However, if you were to order this from the 1971 Sears Wishbook catalog, it was in a plain white box, much like if you ordered the above catalog Way-out Wig. You didn't get the nifty tray to hold your items but you did get a great "extra" set of hair decorations. These included ribbons, small rubber bands, hairpins and three felt "barettes" that were held in by paper sticks. See page 107 of my book. Also, the Crissy modeling The Burlap Bag on page 130 is wearing one of those felt barettes. This Sears set is shown on the Catalog Hair Things page too.

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All text and photography, January, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin