~*~ Crissy, by Clodrey, France ~*~

Clodrey was a French doll firm that became a leader in the business of doll making in Europe. (The generally accepted pronunciation among advanced collectors is "clō drā’".) The company was owned by the Refabert family. Clodrey primarily sold their lovely products in France. However, they were sold in other countries in Europe and they even created dolls that were sold in Canada and in the United States. The doll featured below does not look too much like the usual Crissy doll seen today. Her body, arms and legs should look familiar, as do her shoes. Apparently the fashions produced for the doll to wear when she was sold as well as her sold-separately "haute couture" are different than sold in the US and other countries.

This doll is owned by Debra Kent-Dorsey and the photos are being used by permission.

Deb reports:
"She is more than pristine. Her dress is crisp and hasn't been handled. It is tagged Clodrey Haute Coutour. She has the first issue Crissy acetate base hair and the later saran ponytail. Her brush had never been used. The box in super condition. (She came with) no instructions.

"The right shoe is marked with a capital R and a 2 under it. The left shoe is marked with a capital L with a 3 under it. Made in Hong Kong is across the upper bottom sole of both shoes. They are white. The hairbrush was in plastic wrap and is pale lilac, hard plastic with black bristles."

"(The growing hair) mechanism is identical to United Kingdom (dolls)....a round tab with a little tip to push into the hole in her back...attached to a cord which is attached to the ponytail.

"Interestingly enough...her dress is the same blue color and style as the one pictured on the box...however the actual dress differs from the picture as not having a sewn in half white belt in front...different print on dress and finally the actual dress has white buttons on front where the pictured dress does not. The white cotton panties with lace edging are tagged 'Made In Hong Kong.'"

Thank you Deb, for sharing your beautiful doll with all of us collectors!

Crissy's unique face mold is very pretty.
She even came with a brush, in the same style as the American Crissy doll's brush.

In my collection, is this doll, mint in her box, including her hairbrush. Her hard curl is intact. In any Crissy doll, no matter her nationality, this is a nice feature to find.

Inside of her dress, we see how Clodrey sewed tags into their issue fashions. Please note that not all of the fashions have a tag.

Another Clodrey Crissy:
This is another doll that appears in my collection.

My doll arrived in the United States sporting mint green eyes!

Her eyebrows are very interesting.

Her little belly button is very sweet!

The markings on her neck:
Top, it says Clodrey in script.
Under that, ©1971
And finally, at the bottom, is says HONG KONG

Her tushy has common markings found on most any Crissy doll.

Clodrey also created outfits for their version of Crissy. The following photos are being used by permission of Bernard from France.

Clodrey obtained license from the Ideal Toy Corporation for this version, as evidenced by the back of the package. The literal translation of ...
La poupée dont les cheveux poussent, poussent, poussent, licence Ideal
Vêtements dessinés par Clodrey" is:

"The doll which the hair, push, push, push
clothing draw by Clodrey"

...which roughly means "The doll with hair that grows, grows, grows; Clothing designed by Clodrey."

Thank you to Cindy Koffler, for her translation assistance!

Below: This outfit, being modeled by an authentic French Crissy doll minus her growing hair, is also Clodrey haute couture. It is untagged. The perfectly fitted blazer compliments her one-piece jumpsuit, designed to look like a blouse and slacks.

CrissyAndBeth.com will stay on the lookout for other Clodrey fashions and post them here. Be sure to visit often!

Further information:
Clodrey didn't keep this unique face mold to themselves in France. It was used for other dolls too. One in particular that appeared in some of the Canadian and American holiday "wish books" in the early 70's is shown below. She is not a growing hair doll. Some would describe her as a 'dresser doll,' designed to display. She also has the traditional Crissy body, arm and legs molds, as well as the same shoes. Her outfit however, is a bit untraditional for a mod doll like Crissy!

Her markings are found to be identical to the French issued Crissy above.

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© December, 2008, by Beth-Ellen Colvin
Photos used by permission of respective owners.