Here are Beth’s pictures from the 2013 Crissy & her Friends, Groovy Get-Together.

July 25, 2013: Here is Vacation Crissy! She is wearing her dress that Linda B made for her in 2008 for the Cruisin’ With Crissy Disney Cruise. Those Mouseketeer ears are simply adorable. We are getting ready to go pick up arriving friends from the subway station.

(Below) Earlier that day, Jinx was “helping” Beth with last minutes ‘things-to-do’ in preparation for our Saturday (July 27) festivities. She was helping by staying out of the way and enjoying the sunbeams in the sunroom.

About mid-morning, Beth left for the station and she picked up…

…Cheryl and Anthony!

Here they are at the Kiss Ride stop.

About two hours later, Tracy and Amy arrived.

Left, Amy and right, Tracy.

Linda (left) and Georgia (right) arrived next.

During the day, others arrived via automobile: Terry & John, Lucy, and Karyn. Later that evening, we all ate a yummy Italian dinner at Provino’s. The food was GREAT, the service, excellent, but the good company was the best.

Here is Vacation Crissy sitting on the table!

She wanted to see the entire group that come all the way to Atlanta just because of her!

July 26, 2013: The next morning we left early to get to the CNN Center in Downtown Atlanta on time for our personal VIP tour! It was great. Vacation Crissy got in a lot of the shots, which is okay… because we were all there because of her anyway. LOL

(Below) Here is a group shot! Cindy, who lives in Canada, arrived to meet up with the rest of the group.

(Above and below) Here is Cindy and Vacation Crissy posing for the camera.

The CNN Center used to be the home of “The World of Sid and Marty Krofft,” though it was a short lived indoor theme park. The Omni Hotel was also built at the same time, and is still there. Here are some pictures to help one remember the Krofft brothers and their contribution to the seventies culture:

There was an ice skating rink on the ground floor. Notice that LONNNNG escalator. It’s still there at CNN.

Looking up!

Looking down! Here comes the group.

Here is the really long escalator. It is the longest and tallest free-standing escalator in the world. It takes two and a half minutes to ride the entire length. It is a full eight stories high!

We had our own personal tour guide just for our group. Beth bought out all of the tickets so that no one would be joining us that we didn’t know [giggle]. Some things we were NOT allowed to photograph, like the sound stages that were broadcasting live, so there are no pictures of that. After that though, our guide took us in a mock-up of a broadcast studio, complete with a camera, teleprompter, wall monitors, green screen, and a weather report! Our friend Cindy volunteered to read “news” on the scrolling feed of the teleprompter. Vacation Crissy joined her at the news desk. Cindy ACED the reading! She was amazing!

(Below) Demonstrating how the green screen works.

Our tour guide was really a good sport. He was happy to have Crissy join him in the demonstration.

(Below) Eeeeek!! A disembodied head! LOL

This (below) is the actual newsroom where they gather, verify, and write copy for the broadcasts. Those TV screens are actually tuned in to most of the other newsfeeds globally, with no sound. Surprisingly, we were allowed to photograph this room.

Here is darling Cindy posing with Crissy. Those two stuck together during the entire tour (so cute!).

This is back stage where the on-air talent and their guests go to get all gussied up for TV land. We were not allowed in there.

Everyone was in awe of this room. This is the director’s room where all of the active cameras feed and the director and her team determine what will be seen on air and how it will look. While we were there, a new story broke and preempted what they were already broadcasting. We will not give this topic much space here, but that horrible man that kidnapped those three lovely young ladies in Ohio had just pled guilty. Thankfully, those young girls were not subjected to a trial. ‘Nuff said there. Moving on…

(Below) This is the former ice rink, looking down from a cat walk. It’s hard to tell, but a model of the globe is tiled into the floor now. A food court is on that level too.

The following pictures fall into the “A Girl Can Dream, Right?” category.

Beth and Dr. Drew

Beth and Anderson Cooper

Cindy, Crissy, and Dr. Drew

After the tour, we walked over to the new Ferris Wheel in Atlanta.
On our way out, Beth took a group shot.

Boarding our cars – They were air-conditioned! We took plenty of shots of Atlanta from way up there.

This is Centennial Olympic Park in downtown; that is a fountain in the center that the kids like to play in. Can you tell how high up we are??

The star of the show!

Crissy and Terri.

Crissy and Tracy.

Crissy and Cindy.

Our friends in the other car.

Here is our professional groupshot that they took for us. This is a GREAT photo.

A great shot of Skyview Atlanta.

We were pretty hungry so we stopped at the food court in the basement of the high rise building that Beth works in for some lunch.

Next, our subway ride back to the cars. Our drivers were the BEST! They carted us around everywhere.

(Above) This picture got photobombed by another rider! He wanted to know who we were (we all had Get-Together badges on). I told him, and he said that he is a collector too. He collects Hot Wheels. We fascinated him, for sure.


Later that evening, and yes, it was a very full day, Beth invited the entire group over for a Wine and Cheese Party! It was GREAT! This was the inaugural party for Beth’s newly renovated party barn. It used to store junk. Not anymore!

Cheryl, you’re busted! LOL

While most were outside singing to karaoke and dancing (and eating and wining), Beth snuck Amy in for a first look at the collection. Isn’t her face adorable???

July 27, 2013 (time was flying!): This was the day of the actual Get-together. It was huge fun. The following are Beth’s pictures.

Below: Doll exchange!

Above: Doll exchange!

Next, we took a break and then took a group shot in front of Beth’s house.

After all of the fun and games and prize-winning, to wrap up the day, we give away a bride doll, and Crissy was beautifully dressed in an ensemble by Georgia. Drumroll please... Beth puts her hand in the bowl and stirs the names around…. And the winner is…. CINDY!!

Georgia congratulates Cindy!

Beth wishes to thank all of her wonderful like-minded Crissy friends for taking the time out to share in the festivities in July 2013. It was a most marvelous weekend, one that can never be duplicated. Friends are so important in the day and age. They “get you” and also are part of you. For instance, only friends like this know the perfect gift to give. Beth’s friends had this fanTAStic sign made for her new “old” barn. It is just amazing! Beth promptly dubbed the back yard “Crissy Field.” Here are the pictures (below).

It’s even reflective like a real street sign! As the sun is going down, Beth can see it reflect off the sign from the sunroom. She LOVES it.

Crissy friends are the best friends to have, in the entire civilized world.

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