I am so glad that you are a guest here at my site! Whether you've been here five minutes, or five hours, you probably already know that I love the Crissy family of dolls! I guess one could call me the ultimate fan!

...Which is why this site exists. I have spent over two decades buying, collecting, researching, tagging, cataloging, archiving, restoring, and loving these remarkable products by the now no longer in existance, Ideal Toy Corporation.

The first part of a decade resulted in a book. But now, the book is sold out and there was much that I wasn't allowed to include in it. And why have all of this information if I can't share it with Crissy's other fans? What good is it to keep it all to myself? I want you to know all about her too!

So how can you get the most from this site? Perhaps you've noticed that there are hidden (and many not-so-hidden) links within the text. Click on them! On the main page, you'll find links that take you to other pages to learn. Under Crissy School on the main page, you will find several small icons that resemble a camera. To view the type of body that each Crissy issue was sold with, click on that camera! This is one of the single most useful ways to tell which doll issue that you have.

Have you found the two drop down menus on the main page? No?? Look again! If you are looking for something, it's probably there. This is your best site navigation tool. One menu offers you many selections divided into many main categories. It's a big menu so scroll down so you can view all of the options. The second menu is about restoration topics. As you may know, these dolls were hugely mass-produced. There are quite literally thousands of them in existance in varying stages of "need." And you will be happy to know that they "clean up" real well. Just buy a $5 beater doll on eBay and practice on her until your heart's content! It's the best way to learn!

As you go here and there on the site, you might discover a hidden link by hovering your mouse over a picture or a set of words. The mouse cursor will turn into a white hand with the index finger pointing. Click on it!

And if you ever should need a very specific page on the site, click on the site map (and perhaps bookmark it). I update the map pretty often, mainly when someone emails me looking for something. That is a clue to me that it needs to be included on the map. So please, always feel free to let me know what you are looking for. Your question will help other site users locate what they need too!

This site, while not written by a professional website builder (that'd be me), represents much love and dedication to the topic. It has been in existance on three different servers now! 2019 was its TWENTIETH anniversary! Happily I now own my own domain. I hope that you enjoy it and that you get what you need from it. After all, the book is sold out. Crissy fans need their information! {grin}!

Hope to hear from you soon and come back often.

My Very Best to You and Yours,
Beth Colvin
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

P.S. The archives ARE open to the public by appointment. Email ahead and let "Crissy" and I know when you are coming! We love having company!!

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