~*~ Uneeda Jennifer ~*~

Also a Wards "Catalog Exclusive"

Another little glamorous lady you may encounter (or you might even find a smaller Crissy family doll wearing her clothes) is Jennifer. She was made by the Uneeda company. She was available in many stores but Wards, a mail order company, also claimed her as a catalog exclusive.

When purchased as sold by Uneeda, she was issued in any one of her six outfits.

When she was ordered through the catalog, she was sold with a collection of clothes, a white plastic hairbrush, a pair red shoes, a pair of white shoes, and two hangers. Her hair was styled differently too. It was long and straight and did not have a curled bob like the store versions did.

Here is one of the layouts as found in a Wards catalog.

Here are her six outfits. The doll was sold as a brunette, auburn, or blonde.

The eyes were rather well-detailed. This doll is definitely from Wards. Her hair is longer, and very straight.

A dress variation, and also the two hangers that came with the Wards offering. Panties were included.

Isn't her face wonderful? She has such a sweet and serene look.

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All text and photography, April, 2009, by Beth-Ellen Colvin