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Welcome! My name is Beth Colvin (formerly Gunther).

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I'm pleased to announce that the second edition of
Crissy and Her Friends: A Guide for Collectors
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Crissy School!

Lesson One:

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Get basic knowledge about Crissy as she was issued year-to-year at "Crissy 101".

Lesson Two:

Other Big Girls
(Learn about Irish Kerry, the two different Sears Tressy issues, and sun-tanned Brandi.)

Lesson Three:

The Smaller Girls
(Learn all about the Velvet issues, impish Mia, sun-kissed Dina, Sears Posin' Cricket,
Tara, and the three different Cinnamon issues.)


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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!

* WOW! What a pretty hair growing prototype doll by Ideal. Click HERE to see her!

* Read this interesting new information about Crissy's head profile art found on the earliest boxes! Go HERE to read this exciting news!

* Brandi has been Steampunk'd! This read is rated PG.

* And Tressy goes west. Another fun story... turn on your speakers!

* A letter from Mr. Neil Estern, one of the Crissy family sculptors.

This is my book, which is now sold out.

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August 1969 Playthings

This beautiful advertisement is from a toy trade magazine.

Learn how Crissy, her friends, family, clothes, and accessories were introduced to the buying
public from 1969 - 1985 by going to The Ideal Toy Corporation, Buyers Catalogs.

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Wanna be famous!? The "Me'N Crissy" page link is now active. Do you have pictures of yourself with your childhood Crissy family doll? Crissy And Beth would love to add your picture to the page! They are so charming and endearing. The files collected so far will definitely make you smile. If interested, get in touch now! You will be required to digitally sign your permission to use your photos. Thanks!

Have you heard? Crissy went on vacation! She has completed her 2006-2007 tour of the US, Australia, and Canada!

Read her on-line travel journal. On March 29, 2007, she made local news and was in the newspaper. Please read about it on her travel journal link, near the bottom of the journal entries.

The Glamour Dolls Dashboard link is now active! Have you ever wondered why the Crissy doll you just purchased is wearing clothing not identified on the catalog or aftermarket fashions pages found here on Crissy & Beth's website? They might have belonged to another doll altogether. Little ones were/are prone to dressing their dolls in any outfits that they have no matter who they belonged to. Grab a cup of java and see these dolls and their outfits by utilizing the dashboard.


Have you ever wondered how many Crissy dolls were made? Just take a look at this photo below. It originated from UPI's photograph collection and somehow made it out into the public. But read what it said on the back! It appears to have been typewritten.

So from what this says, every day during the week that this doll was being made, let's assume Monday through Friday, 20,000 were made. That is 100,000 a week. So in approximately 32 week's time, over 3 million dolls were made? Is that even possible? There was only eight months between the beginning of production and when this picture was taken. That is probably why there are still so many of them today! The Beautiful Crissy doll certainly isn't rare.

My Story

I've been asked if *I* had a Crissy doll as a child. Sadly, the answer is no. But I've more than made up for it. I had a childhood friend who wasn't actually interested in letting me play with all of her toys and I never forgot her Crissy doll. When I was about 25, I found a listing in a doll magazine that mentioned there was a "doll show" just two hours from my home. This sounded interesting as I never heard of such a thing.

I was waiting in the lobby for my daughter who was using the facilities at the hotel where the show was being held. At this point, I was still clueless what a doll show was, thinking perhaps it was some sort of traveling antique show where you could go in and "look" but I didn't expect anything more. When I noticed everything had a PRICE tag, I could hardly wait for my daughter so we could SHOP!! And shop we did. I had only brought $30 or so with me, thinking we'd need lunch money. But when I saw THAT Crissy doll, in her box, with an extra outfit, I was nearly heartbroken... the tag said $35.

Now back then, that was TOO much, but I didn't care. And since I didn't have enough cash with me, the seller let me write a check. The rest, as they say, is history. She is the doll that started it all. Being a researcher by nature, my book Crissy doll and Her Friends: Guide for Collectors was released in 1998. It sold out in three years, but there are some available second hand on the Internet.

I believe I own the most complete collection in the country, if not the world. It includes every doll issued mint in the box (MIB), every outfit issued by Ideal, mint in pack (MIP) and a loose one too, and every paper doll, coloring book, pattern, case, accessory set, etc. ever made. The archives include counter displays, prototypes and some examples that never made it into actual production. I also have the most complete catalog collection out there so that I can ID nearly any outfit that was sold to compete with Ideal's creations. Wards, Penneys, Sears, and several Canadian outlets created catalog exclusives and competition for Ideal. Additionally, there are literally thousands of aftermarket outfits in a zillion variations as well as Sew Simple kits that one could use to create Crissy couture; many of these are featured in my archives. My collection has grown quite vast over the past thirty-something years. If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, let us know! Crissy and I would love to meet you! We can always make time for a play date complete with tea and cookies!

As time allows me, I update, add to, and recreate this site. While I'd love to say I have a staff of people photographing and writing for me, I don't! It's just me (c:

Please know that you are welcome to come back often. I LOVE having company!

DEPERATELY SEEKING! Have you ever wondered, "Where are they now?" Please go here to see these "Crissy Models" and if you know one of them, maybe you can tell us where they are now.

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