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Crissy & Beth

About Beth >

Advocacy for Children, a must read link >

Aftermarket clothing for the Crissy family >

Aimee, by Hasbro, a Crissy-era doll >

Aldens (and Gamble) Catalog Clothing Exclusives >

Australian Dolls >

Baby Crissy >

Baby Velvet, the doll that never was... >

Baby Crissy Tutorial >

Beautiful Crissy and Her Ice Skating Rink, an Australian issue doll >

Beauty Salons for the Crissy Family >

Bigger Girls in the Crissy Family >

Box inserts found in the dolls' boxes >

Brandy >

Brazilian Crissy (Crecy) >

British Dolls >

Canadian Dolls >

Candi, A Glamour Doll by Mego >

Cases and Luggage >

Catalog Clothing Exclusives >

Catalog Hair Accessory Exclusives >

Charly, by Durham >

Cleaning Products that are Safe to Use >

Clothes for the Bigger Girls >

Clothes for the Smaller Girls >

Clothing Rack/Closet >

Colorforms >

Coloring Book >

Commercials of the Crissy family >

Concise Crissy Couture Guide, all on one page >

Crecy >

Cricket >

Crissy, All Issues >

Crissy's Closet >

Crissy's Game >

Crissy's Poster >

Crissy's Travel Journal >

Crocheting for the Crissy Family >

Dina >

Eaton's Catalog Clothing Exclusives >

Eye Mold Eradication >

Eye Replacement >

Face Paint Help >

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) >

Game >

Glamour Dolls Dashboard >

Hair Care Set Made by Ideal >

Hair Dryer >

Hair Help >

Hair Replacement >

Hair Restoration Tips >

Harmony >

Inserts found in the dolls' boxes >

International Issues >

JC Penney Catalog Clothing Exclusives >

JoAnn, a Nasco Growing Hair Doll >

Joints: How to Firm Up Floppy Arms, Legs, and Waists >

Kerry >

Knitting for the Crissy Family >

Knitting for Palitoy's Sheena (fits Crissy!) >

Luggage and Cases >

"Marabou gowns" for Crissy (near bottom of page) >

Me 'N Crissy, a fun blast from the past! >

Mexican Crissy >

Mia >

Nasco Growing Hair Dolls >

Other Growing Hair and Hair Play Dolls >

Pamela, by Petite, a Crissy-era doll >

Paperdolls >

New Stuff! >

Ponytail Installation Guide, "Movin' Groovin" or "Posin'" torso >

Ponytail Installation Guide, Straight Torso >

Porcelain Crissy >

Poster >

Pricing Guidelines >

Public Service Links >

Rerooting Missing Hair >

Rusty (who??) >

Sears Catalog Clothing Exclusives >

Sears Exclusive gowns for Crissy (near bottom of page) >

Sewing for the Crissy Family >

Shoes! >

Simpsons-Sears Catalog Clothing Exclusives >

"Skating Crissy" >

Smaller Girls in the Crissy Family >

Spiegel Catalog Clothing Exclusives >

Tara >

Tiffany Taylor >

Tuesday Taylor >

Tressy >

United Kingdom Dolls >

Velvet, All Issues >

Velvet's Closet >

Wards Catalog Clothing Exclusives >

Wigs Made for the Crissy Family >

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