Me 'N Crissy is pleased to present this photo page that allows all of its viewers the opportunity to share in the childhood joy of receiving, owning and playing with a Crissy family doll! We would love to hear your comments and we'd love to share your joy too. Please get in touch to share your pictures.

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The first photos are of Missy C. Can't you just see the pure joy in her face!

Did you notice? Missy's MG Crissy is wearing "Gypsy!"

Beth S. provides the following photos. That is one happy little girl there! Beth went on to become a hairdresser.

Photo below: Two happy sisters, Susannah (left) and Perla. (We miss you Perla!)

Below: From Tarnia Salt, Rowville, VIC, Australia, comes these fantastic photos! First, we see Tarnia, age 7, and her little sister Melanie, age 5, on Christmas day in 1973. Tarnia is holding her Dina doll! She reports: "Mum told me that in 1973 she saw Dina advertised on TV and just knew that was the doll for me. She lined up at Venture (an Aussie department store) and ran to the doll aisle with lots of other mums..." She goes on to say that her mum made her a case of clothes for Dina to wear. The next picture is of Tarnia's daugther, Hayley, also enjoying Dina! Hayley is 7 in this picture.

The next pictures come to us courtesy Tammy T.! Not only did she enjoy receiving a Talky Crissy as a little girl, she also had a Velvet with a Beauty Braider (two photos below). Guess what? She still has her precious dolls from her childhood. How many of us out here wish we could say that! Her younger sister Tracey is also in the photos. Sweet!

Look at the cute grin on Sharry A! This was taken in New York City, Christmas 1970. Sharry was only four years old.

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July, 2007, by Beth-Ellen Colvin
Photos are being used courtesy their respective owners.