Under the Sea!

When I get a Crissy family doll that is in destitute condition, I might just re-sew new hair onto her head and recreate her body sculpt into a mermaid!

The "fur" trimmed jacket is pure, good-old fashioned, bridal quality satin.
Her name is Mersephone', pronounced
"mer SEFF uh nee".

Mersephone' swims in the Arctic Seas. Her stand is covered with mini shells and white glitter to similate frozen, sparkly ice crystals. Everything is white.... because it's very cold in the Arctic!

Her hair is rooted in aqua and white.
It looks "frosted!" How appropriate!

Here is Mersephone's dorsal fin.

Here are Mersephone's Sisters:



Meriadne is a melusine, a rather rare mermaid with two tails. She swims among the waters of the United Kingdom. She likes to mimic the ancient face paintings that she has seen on Celtic warriors that walk on the land that she longs to walk upon. One might notice the jewels, chains, and other shiny objects that she has collected. She is vicious and goes after such pretty things with no regard for the life of the sailor she takes it from.
Her name is pronounced "merry ODD nee".


Merjolie' is a goldfish! She likes to swim in any temperature water, as long as she is with her friends. Her strong, powerful flat flipper helps her to swim fast, as fast as she'd like to go.
Her name is pronounced "mer zho LEE".

All of the mermaids have a growing hair feature, like all Crissy family dolls should!

These are four of my earlier rerooted, land-lovin' Crissy dolls!

Here is my re-root work that got me started in doll artistry.

Graphics provided by: Yvonne's Web Graphics Sets

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Photos and text, Beth Colvin, January, 2007