It is with extreme pleasure and with great excitement that Stephan Carissimo and Beth at CrissyAndBeth.com make this announcement.

It is well-known that some six-phrase Talky Crissy dolls spoke a seventh phrase. That phrase is "You're really good to me." While not rare, this doll with this feature is a little more difficult to find.

However, it has recently come to light that our little six-phrase friend, Talky Velvet, also appears occasionally in a seven-phrase version like her cousin. In addition to her usual phrases

"Come play with me."
"My hair grows."
"Hi, I'm Velvet."
"Comb my hair, please."
"I want to be your friend."
"I want to wear my new dress."

-- she also sometimes adds this phrase to her repertoire, "Let's play a game!"

How difficult to find is Talky Velvet with seven phrases? This is unknown at this point. However, this collector has been at this for 23 years and has never encountered one.

Steve is a master at repairing the Talky dolls. That said, it is only natural that a number of Talkys would pass over his work table. Steve brought this discovery to my attention recently and we've been discussing it ever since. I subsequently pulled every butterfly tab found in my personal archives. Sadly, not one of Talky Velvet dolls said this enigmatic phrase. Thanks to Steve, however, one will be joining the other artifacts in my collection soon.

If you are interested in utilizing the magnificent services of Steve Carissimo to restore the talking mechanism on your doll, please contact him at stcarissimo1@verizon.net for a consultation.

Thank you Steve for your bringing this awesome new information to the attention of Crissy family collectors everywhere.

Crissy Hugs and Velvet Kisses,
Beth Colvin


Click below to hear her speaking!
Our sincerest thanks to Nancy O'Donnell for providing this link.

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December 16, 2011, by Beth-Ellen Colvin