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Pamela, by Petite

The reason that I am including 18" Pamela on this site is because I find Velvet-sized dolls, and sometimes the bigger dolls, in her clothes. So, therefore, there must surely be a need for Crissy family collectors to be able to identify her clothes. Most of her outfits were tagged with paper tags that say Made in Hong Kong. If the tag is missing, remember it was made of paper and would not necessarily last a long time with play. Some of the outfits also had a Petite label inside.

The doll herself is rather soft and pliable. She has a twist-waist. She has long, unstyled hair that came banded in clear plastic to keep it in order. Her box indicates on the back that she was made exclusively for L.J.N. Toys, Ltd., New York, NY. There is nothing else on the back of the box. She is however, illustrated on both sides in four of her outfits. She was sold (issued) in quite a few outfit variations. The fabulous book, Collectible Doll Fashions: 1970 by Carmen Varricchio, shows her in a vinyl snake print issue outfit. My archives display her in a two-tone gingham, fitted pantsuit. By the way, I highly recommend this book, as the humor, delivered in a fab, tongue-in-cheek style, will keep you in fit of giggles for some time. I appreciate Varricchio's book, for providing inspiration for this page.

A nice layout of outfits for Pamela are illustrated here.

A good shot of the paper tag sewn into some, or most, of the outfits by Petite.

If the outfit is tagged with a Petite tag, it will look like this.

Left to right: "Fur Ever," "Deep Purple" (gold chain belt is missing and is replaced), and "Anchors Aweigh."

Take note of Pamela's boots! Have you received any of these in "lots" of outfits that you thought were for Crissy, only to discover they don't fit? They are pretty small, and obviously won't fit either Crissy nor Velvet. In fact, the pairs that I have are very hard (perhaps due to age) and nearly impossible to get on Pamela's foot.

Charly, by Durham

Though Charly didn't 'burst' onto the scene until 1980, this collector has acquired some Tiffany Taylor dolls wearing her clothes. Therefore, Charly is joining this page for reference purposes. This 18" doll is soft and pliable like Pamela and was sold as a blonde or a brunette. She has a twist-waist. Her hair is extremely fine and silky. In fact, the example in the archives will be rerooted soon, as her hair is extremely brittle with age. Charly was also sold in a 11.5 inch version.

Here is Charly in one of her issue outfits. It was sold in various colors.
The boots that are packaged along with this "western-wear" outfit are identical to Pamela's boots! Charly was distributed by Durham Industries, Inc., New York, NY.

Charly seems to ooze the "Texas Cowgirl" look as seen in her issue outfit, which is one of many styles (some non-western) that she can be found wearing when MIB. Her mint-in-package outfit also states "Western Fashion Wear." It also points out that it can be worn by Candi and Super Size Barbie as well. As more of these outfits for Charly (and for Pamela) are acquired, they will be added to the site. Additionally, as always, this site welcomes submissions. So if you have any MIP outfits to share, please email us!

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All text and photography, February, 2009, by Beth-Ellen Colvin