Crissy's Colorforms Set and the Velvet & Crissy Game

The Colorforms company gained license from Ideal to create their version of the Crissy doll in 1970. It featured three stand-up paperdolls with their hair in varying lengths. The vinyl clothing stuck to the slick, shiny surface of the paperdoll by means of surface tension, as with all Colorforms sets.

Here is the front of the box.

Inside the box.

The three different paperdolls. (Eeeeek! They have no belly buttons!)

Here is the Velvet & Crissy Shopping Spree Game. It is interesting how Velvet received "top billing" on this Crissy related item. On cases and other items, Crissy's name is always listed first.

The game markers are little teeny-tiny Crissy doll figures!

A close-up of the spinner.

Here are the cash cards and the merchandise cards.

Ideal Toy Corporation currency!

Here is the game board.

The gaming instructions are inside of the top of the box.

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All text and photography, January, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin