Pixiwhix, a sprite, is a wire-armatured mixed media/papier mache' sculpture. From the top of his feather to the seat of his pants, he is about two and a half feet in height. Currently, he is hanging safely in my bedroom with his little girlfriend. While I worked on her, her name was tentatively Trixi. However, the sculpture's face and name changes as I work. 'Whix had several names as his face began to emerge. It's just the way I work!

Here he is when he was in the sunroom.

Here's Trixi! Pixiwhix' little gal-pal!

Trixi has very harsh features, very angular. Not planned, but I like it!

Not sure why she came out so surprised looking! A co-worker told me it's cuz as she is jumping up in the air and touching her toes, she didn't know her undies would show. LOL

Without trying, I made her ponytail look like shiny, red plastic. It's very cartoonish.

What she looks like "underneath it all."

Here she is before she was dressed, in her long winter underwear.

And now please allow me to introduce you to Merrecho, another mixed media sculpture, completed in March 2008.