The Two Porcelain Crissy dolls

Two different dolls, two different time periods. The first porcelain Crissy was produced in the 80's by a company called DollsPart. Only a few thousand were made and available through their mail-order catalog. The other porcelain Crissy was produced and sold by the Danbury Mint in 2003.

Danbury Mint had plans to make as many dolls as were ordered and then some. However, with the first batch of dolls, several were returned because they didn't function well. Her hair "grows" by means of a miniature version of her original "belly-button and flower knob" mechanism. The doll only stands 15" and for some reason, the size and function do not go hand in hand.

The DollsPart Porcelain Crissy

Here she is in front of her box. She stands 19" tall. Her legs are chunkier than the vinyl version and in fact, her feet hardly fit in the identical orange shoes from 1969.

She really isn't as pretty as she is in vinyl. The bridge of her nose is rather flat. Her wig is glued on.

The orange lace is dress in 90% identical. The only thing different is the bow. It is a softer velvet type ribbon as opposed to the stiff, flocked orange ribbon found on the 1969 vinyl version.

Here is her wrist tag.

The back of the tag.

What?! Her panties don't match like the vintage doll's do!

Neck markings... this one is number 27.

Her hair functioned was by means of a pullstring (like Baby Crissy did).

The top of the box.

The Danbury Mint Porcelain Crissy

This example has never been removed from the original shipping carton. Within the carton, was a replica of the original 1969 box, only BIGGER than it originally was. This was to accommodate all of the foam packing that goes around the doll.

She only stands 15" tall.

Danbury Mint did a wonderful job of reproducing Crissy's lovely face.

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All photography and text, February, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin