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Repurpose, Recycle, Re-Love, Re-Live. Be Envi.

Crissy family doll collectors already seem to be on-board with recycling and re-loving things that come along in our lives, as evidenced by the bounds of overly-loved dolls that have been re-loved back to life by re-rooting, repainting and redressing them. This page is for you.

Get free stuff. Use your old stuff. Make your stuff over. Make yourself over. Live on the earth but be part of it. I hope these links help you find your place.

Join this Grassroots Community and Keep Good Stuff Outta the Landfills!

The FreeCycle Network

Safe and inexpensive cleaning products

Safe Cleaning Products Initiative - Women's Voices for the Earth

Honeysuckle Soaps, Feel Great on the Skin and Smell WONDERFUL! And they have a huge following in Atlanta.

Honeysuckle Soaps

So You Think Your Cosmetics are SAFE Here in the US? Think Again! This website caused this C-survivor to change what's in her make-up bag!

Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database

What Else Can I Say?

I'm a Fan of Domino Magazine (live stylishly green!)

Domino Magazine: the guide to living with style

Eat Five Times a Day and Never Gain a Pound!

The GI-Eating plan for women

The GI-Eating plan for men

I LOVE Hungry Girl's Page! She's the Best Cheerleader EVER for Eating Right.

Hungry Girl

Okay, you've read the weight control articles but ya just can't abide by it. Here is your tough love:

An Attitude Intervention
Warning: Rated PG
Read at your own risk.

To answer the questions that I get: Yes, I live on the GI Plan, yes, I am a size 8 (or a size 6 on a good day), yes, I make my own cleaning products and yes, I am a Freecycle dot org devotee'. That is where I got my rather spectacular piano... FREE! Anything can be made over (even my kitschy lamps) to match your decorating style. I can list about 10 things in my house that aren't being reused and were purchased new (not clothing items). There are only two pieces of furniture in my living room that were bought new, my big, cushy, raspberry sofa and my crayon-colored, swirly-whirly chaise sofa. My home is kitschy, campy, retro, fun, and very decidedly....ME. Everything I own has a story to tell. And I love to listen to the stories.

So yes, I do live by this. And I love it!

Okay, one more thing for this page full of public service announcements. My friends and I talk about the craziest things! Some call it simple Girl Talk, but I call it experience to live by.

I'm often asked, "Well, what would Beth do?"

I just had to write it down for you. But don't shoot the messenger! It was really written a bit tongue in cheek but all in good fun. I hope that you can find something to take away from our life's experiences.

If you have an hour and 17 minutes, you need to watch this video. It is the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. The last three sentences will bring you to your knees. However, you will definitely learn something about yourself.

May you always find wonder in your life 'cuz life is so good. Life is what we make of it. Slàinte mhath!