No doubt about it! Crissy and her family are beautiful dolls! But did you know that even inexpensive, seemingly worn out dolls can look great?

Many of Crissy's fans have been doing this for years. Please enjoy these fabulous before and after pictures and you be the judge! Are they gorgeous or what??? At the bottom of this page, please use the links to visit the sites of famous one-of-a-kind (OOAK) artists.

This page is dedicated to the memory of fellow collector Amanda Beth Bowen (April 30, 1974 - October 29, 2007)

Cinnamon Restyled, by Amanda

A before shot of Cinnamon.

Cinnamon sure looks happy to be throwing away her "Cinderella rags." WoW! She is so precious now! From Amanda in Canada is this incredible transformation of a rather destitute Cinnamon that most wouldn't even consider buying. However, this well illustrates how nicely the Crissy family of dolls can clean up and how wonderful they are for restyling. We will miss you Amanda!

Kerry Restore by Peggie

Kerry seems appropriately dressed to be an Irish girl......

Look at this stunning eBay find now! Yes, she just needed some soap, water and groovy threads to look fabulous again! Way to go Peggie!

Crissy & Kerry Restore by Doralee

Look what a simple brush and comb can do for a doll. Terrific Doralee!

Crissy Family Restores by Cheryl

Cinnamon before and after!

Talky Velvet before (Help! I can't see!) and after (c:

Crissy before and after!

Kerry looks very happy to have clean hands and great new Simplicity pattern dress! Great job Cheryl!

Dina Restore by Beth

That's one gnarly haircut but she was rerooted with an original Velvet ponytail.

Cute new undies for Dina!

Dina was redressed in an original design featuring vintage cotton velvet, new chiffon, and vintage snap closures!

99 Cent Crissy Restore by Beth

Yes, you read that right! This Crissy was only 99 cents on eBay! When she arrived, her ponytail was VERY coarse and after spending a full hour removing the snarls, her 'tail was about the size and circumference of an old fat squirrel's tail! LOL

I used the iron and Downy method on the 'tail to make it soft and silky again. Then I smoothed her foundation hair with the steamer. She has been dressed in one of Perla Schultz' of Highway Dolls (we miss you Perla!) fab outfits! Isn't she one cute little sailor!?

From Christina

Here is a picture of Tressy before:

And here is her terrific transformation after her total reroot:

Thanks Christina, for sharing Tressy!

2002 Reroot Crissy, by Beth

Here is the little Crissy that started it all back in early 2002! I had rerooted Kiddles, Barbie dolls, Chatty Cathy dolls, and Mego dolls. But I was a little intimidated by Crissy. Not sure why. It couldn't have been the ponytail installation since I had mastered that many years previous. Plus, she has two holes to work from, her neck and her growing hair hole. So I jumped in "head first" and then shared her with the world! Now there are many people who love to reroot Crissy family dolls!

All of my reroots have ponytails that grow, as any decent Crissy family doll should have!

Soon, this little Cricket doll followed. Those are real, hand-braided dreds. They "grow." THAT took a long time to make! She had a gash cut out of her cheek. I simply covered it with a "tattoo." I had, at one time, bleached the red off of her top lip (courtesy no doubt, a budding cosmetologist). You can see it's coming back. Time to get that Oxy-10 Zit Cream out again!

Here are the next two. I did four that year, my most prolific. I moved on to mermaids next. They have their own page. I hope you enjoy it too!

I repainted the eyelids of a Kerry doll's eyes brown, and gave them to this little stunner. Perhaps you've noticed that I like to dress custom dolls in pattern outfits. Even the little Cricket with dreds is dressed in Simplicity, with some variation on the pants. I crocheted her groovy little sweater.

Tressy's eyes have oxidized to an aqua shade, a common problem.

A girl simply must have her accessories.

Now that you've seen what can be done with a beater doll, please view these links to the sites of some famous doll artists:

Early Re-rooting Work, by Beth >

I've had other artists featured recently, but their webpages are closed. Soooo.... Do you have a marvelous transformation that you would like to share!? Send those pictures on over! Or send me the link to your restored dolls.

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May, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin
Photos used by permission and are the property of the guests of this page.