Knitting for Sheena

A little yarn crafts company in Australia, Emu, created adorable knitting pattern booklets to compliment their yarn sales business. I've included three examples here on this page that provide a few wardrobe options for your Sheena. Since they fit Sheena, the good news is that they fit Crissy and the other big girls too!

Crissy collector Teresa shares with us: "I thought that you might want to pass this info along. A beginner knitter might not know that you need to convert the Australian needle sizes to U.S. for the patterns that fit Sasha or Sheena. Size 11 is size 3 U.S. and for size 10 you use either a 3 or a 4 U.S." Thank you Teresa!

I have made these great pattern booklets available for your use. Simply click on the photo of the pattern book that you would like to use to download a printable PDF file. The striped outfit on B.24 as well as the knit dress and tights on B.26 are so precious, and I just know they'd look great on Crissy. Crissy and Beth would love for you to send photos of your finished products, so please feel free to send them!

Please note: Downloading and selling these PDF copies is strictly prohibited and violates Berne Convention agreements, in which Australia is a participant country. These are made available only for personal use by the users of this site.

Another Australian company, Cleckheaton, created the below pattern that you may wish to use to dress your Sheena doll. This pattern comes to you courtesy Susan Priestley, a resident of Australia. We appreciate your generosity Susan!

These PDF files are pretty large and may take a few moments to download, especially if you have dial-up connection. Please enjoy!

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All text November, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin