Everything that you need to know about Crissy family shoes!

There are four main shoe styles for Crissy and the bigger girls. Her usual and very common bow-flats, her maryjanes with the thin straps across the ankle, her "lace-up," pointy toe boots, and her lace-up-the-leg clogs. Other than the boots, all shoes are marked with an "L" or "R" on the bottom to indicate right and left.

Additionally, Velvet and the smaller girls had three styles. Her easy-to-find T-straps, the 'similar-to-Crissy's' lace-up-the-leg clogs, and her square-toed, "zippered" boots.

Velvet's Little Sister, also known as Cinnamon, had her very own style of shoe, a round-toed, squat little T-strap style.

And finally, the 1977 Magic Hair Crissy wore a white slide-on mule.

Please enjoy the following information.

Footwear for Crissy & her Bigger Girlfriends

Probably the most common style that you will come across is Crissy's bow-flat. You will find this shoe on the number one (in orange), two (orange) and three Crissy (aqua), Talky Crissy (carnation pink), Look Around Crissy (forest green), Kerry (forest green), Gorgeous Tressy (shiny black), and Posin' Tressy (aqua).

As a collector, you will also encounter the thin-strapped "wedgie" maryjane shoe style. It appears on the Talky Crissy (carnation pink), Look Around Crissy (forest green), Beautiful Crissy with Swirla-Curler (shiny orange), and Beautiful Crissy with Twirly Beads (white). Yes, you read that right. Talky and Look Around might be wearing either the bow-flat or the maryjane style of shoe, of course, in the correct color.

Here is an assortment of maryjanes in various colors.

The pointed-toe boot, that has molded laces was the stock footwear for the Movin' Groovin' Crissy doll, in orange. She is the only Crissy doll issued in boots. Besides orange, the Crissy boot came in brown, turquoise, royal blue and white. There has been much discussion on which boot markings belong to the left and which are the right boot. Generally, these markings are accepted as "R" and "L" among collectors:

Left Right

Or any combination of 1 and 3 with 2 and 4.

Left's are marked 1 & 3 and rights's are marked 2 & 4.

But then, it's so hard to tell the difference, that it probably doesn't even matter! {LOL}

Also, to make matters worse, it was not uncommon for Ideal to package their shoes with either two lefts or two rights. This collector even has a blister pack with a pair of mismatched shoes still sealed in the package!

So, that said, good luck matching your sets of boots!

Finally Crissy's clogs, that laced up with elasticized lacing dyed to match the shoe, are another appropriate style for our favorite little 70's icon. They were a tad bigger than Velvet and company's clogs. It's easy to tell which size belongs to which doll. If Crissy puts Velvet's clogs on, her heel hangs off the back. Simple, huh!?

Crissy's friend Brandi is the only "bigger girl" that was issued in clogs, in shiny orange.

Shoes for Velvet and the Smaller Girls

As mentioned before, there are three shoe styles for Velvet et al. Most common is Velvet's T-strap shoe. This shoe appears on the number one Velvet (in purple), Movin' Groovin' Velvet (purple), Talky Velvet (yellow), Look Around Velvet (usually shiny red, but some wear white shoes), Velvet with a Beauty Braider (shiny lavender), Velvet with the New Swirly Daisies (shiny lavender), the reissued 1981 Velvet (white), Mia (robin's egg blue), Posin' Cricket (shiny red/orange), Tara (yellow), the 1982 Country Fashion Crissy (white), and the 1982-1983 Beautiful Crissy (the early 80's Crissy dolls, as you may recall, were made with the older Velvet molds, therefore, she wears the smaller shoe in white).

Another style for Velvet and the smaller girls is the clog. Again, the smaller clogs are laced up with elasticized laces that are dyed to match the shoe. Only Dina was issued in clogs. They were white.

Velvet-sized boots have a squared off toe, molded "zippers" on the inside seams and also have a right and left. Unlike Crissy's boots, where it can be difficult to tell which is which, just remember that the zipper on Velvet's boot should on the inside of her leg. None of the smaller dolls were issued in boots.

Velvet's boots can be found in lavender, brown, red, and royal blue.
While very hard to find, they can also turn up in the same turquoise vinyl that Crissy's boots were made with.

Velvet's Little Sister's (Cinnamon) Shoes

Cinnamon had adorable little shoes made just for her! They are squat, much like her feet, have a rather round toe and have dainty T-straps. One will only find them in three colors-- shiny orange, shiny navy blue and white.

The shiny orange shoes were sold on Velvet's Little Sister (Cinnamon in 1972, she was unnamed as of yet, an only caucasion doll), Cinnamon with a Hairdoodler, white or black, and Cinnamon with the New Curly Ribbons (white).

The shiny navy shoes were sold on the black version of Cinnamon with the New Curly Ribbons. The same doll in the white version, sold in Australia, wore navy shoes with her denim coveralls.

Now about those white shoes.... they were only sold in the Spiegel catalog along with a set of clothes for Cinnamon, and were never sold on a doll or sold separately. The collector would probably prefer to pair them with a Spiegel catalog outfit if they are lucky enough to find them.

On the bottom of most Spiegel white Cinnamon shoes, one can see that the Ideal markings were removed from the molds before they were cast.

Magic Hair Crissy's shoes

This doll wore very unique slides, also called mules. They were sold only in white for this doll. One can also find them on Ideal's Tiffany Taylor, but only in lime green.

Shoe Colors

There are quite a few colors and in-between shades of Crissy and Velvet's shoes. There is very little variation in Cinnamon and Magic Hair Crissy's shoes. I've tried to capture all of the main colors here for you to compare what you might have found in your collection.

Gorgeous Tressy from Sears was sold in a shiny version of the black shoes. Matte black shoes were sold enclosed in early boxed outfits. See the section called Crissy's Closet.

Here are three shades of blue Crissy shoes. The center pair are very unusual and not often seen. Normally, this color is found in Velvet's T-strap style and Velvet's boots, not Crissy's bowflats.

Forest green was only used on Crissy's maryjane style and her bowflat style. Velvet's shoes never came in this color.

Here are the usual colors that the maryjane shoes can be found in.

Crissy's bowflats in pale pink and carnation pink. Carnation pink in either the maryjane or the bowflat are the usual style/color found on Talky Crissy.

Here are several clogs for both Velvet and Crissy, in different colors. The blue clogs are always Crissy's. White and yellow clogs are always Velvet's.

It's easy to note the difference in size in these clogs. The lighter shiny clogs are the stock shoes for Brandi and matched her orange swimsuit nicely. The slightly darker, shiny orange shoes are for Velvet.

Here are two shades of green. The apple green are found in both Crissy & Velvet sizes. Incidentally, black number one and number two Crissy wore apple green shoes. The forest green shoes could be found on Look Around Crissy.

There are several shades of orange for Crissy and Velvet shoes. The shiny dark orange shoes on the left are for Posin' Cricket from Sears.

Shiny red shoes are found on Look Around Velvet, usually the white version and sometimes on the black doll (usually wore white T-straps). But RED Crissy shoes! Yes! Read below for more information!

Here are two shades of yellow, a pale yellow and a more bold yellow. Both Crissy and Velvet shoes were sold in both shades.

Notice on the far left are a pair of royal blue shoes for Velvet. Normally, only Velvet shoes come in this color, but a few pairs for Crissy have been located recently in this shade! The other two shades, the robin's egg blue (sold on Mia) and turquoise are also nice shades for Velvet and her friends.

Velvet's boots are found in lavender, royal blue, red, and brown.
As mentioned, it is uncommon, but sometimes they show up in turquoise.

Three shades of pink for Velvet's shoes! Pale pink, cotton candy pink, and carnation pink....lovely!

Caucasion number one Velvet wore purple shoes with her issue outfit. Black number one Velvet wore lavender shoes with her lavender dress.

Here are shiny red shoes for Look Around Velvet.

Velvet's T-straps in white.

Generally, there are some shades that were only sold for one type of doll. For instance, Velvet's purple T-strap is the only shoe that comes in purple. Also, Crissy's forest green bow-flat and forest green maryjane are the only two styles that one will find in that color. No Velvet shoes were made in this shade.

However, if one were to encounter an "abnormal" shoe style/color combination, the obvious question is, "How did that happen!?" The answer is that when the injectors were being cleaned out during production, in order to make another style or color of shoe, there could be some residual super-heated plastic remaining in it. Normally, the injectors aren't literally "cleaned out." Another color is added and forced through to remove the old color allowing the new color to appear.

A resulting shoe could be "swirlied" or a different color completely, one that we as collectors do not normally see.

These shoes were considered "rejects" and usually disposed of by the Quality Control Department. However, there are still in existance a few with swirlies in them, two colors swirled together. See below for some other unusual oddities.

Unusual Shoes

Here are some rather unusual shoes that aren't commonly found.

Both of these brown pair, one for Velvet, another pair for Crissy, are two different shades of brown and look nothing like the shade of brown that was used for Crissy & Velvet's brown boots! Where did they come from? Why are they like this? We don't know!

I am reusing this picture to show you a real oddity. These Crissy shoes are true red! They are not shiny red like Look Around Velvet's shoes. They are matte like any of the U.S. Crissy's shoes, but truly are red. Never has this color been seen again. Again, there is no reason why this color should appear in a collection but here it is!

It is noteworthy that Canadian shoes are usually shiny, though not always. This pair of Velvet shoes is very shiny and came on a rather mint, unplayed-with doll.

Another different pair of shoes in the archive are these peach colored Crissy clogs. Even the ties are paler in color. Next to the usual orange clogs, the difference is huge!

Shoes Sold by Other Companies

These shoes are made for Velvet and sold only in the Spiegel catalog. They have a two-strap configuration over the top of the foot. They were sold in orange, black, and white.

Here are some carded shoes by other companies. On the top left, blue card, notice Shillman's "Round the Clock" Fashions shoes. The other shoes are by Premier. Premier put the name of the doll that could wear their shoes on the white price label. In this case, it has Crissy's name.

Premier's shoes were flat-soled and did not give Crissy and Velvet the heel support they needed to stand on their own. They were also rather plain, albeit inexpensive. Sometimes they were sold packaged with socks or tights.

Shillman shoes came in pink, red, or in two or three shades of blue.

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All text and photography, July, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin