Beautiful Crissy and Her Ice Skating Rink!

A Crissy doll in name only, this doll issued by the Ideal Toy Corporation (1978) in Australia, has lovely, long, appropriately-auburn hair. She did not grow hair at all.

Several collectors from Australia have wondered who she really is, and if she is part of the Crissy family of growing hair dolls. But without seeing a frame of reference (i.e., documention, other dolls, both loose and MIB), there was nothing to compare her to, so it was hard to comment on her, her existance, and when Ideal created her. But happily, now we have this example to study.

This "version" of Crissy is rather small too. She was molded using Tuesday Taylor's molds. Her American counterpart, Dorothy Hamill (1977), who was an actual American Olympic skater, was also molded with Tuesday Taylor molds. Both dolls have different head molds.

Tania Splawa-Neyman of Australia informs us that the mold marks on her head are H-284 and that the doll is marked similarly to the Dorothy Hamill doll. She also mentions that the dress is in the same style as Dorothy’s and even has the same braid trim, though it is constructed of different fabric. The skater, Dorothy Hamill, was not well-known in Australia and skating was not a popular sport, so using the Crissy name would help to sell the doll. The Beautiful Crissy with her Ice Skating Rink doll was not popular at all in her era, as hardly any Australian collectors today have heard of her, no doubt due to the fact that there was little interest in skating. Tania reports that it “really doesn’t match with the outdoor Aussie lifestyle!” Thank you Tania, for helping enlighten other collectors! This information is invaluable!

On the other hand, Dianne, also from Australia writes, "I thought you might be interested to know that I was very much a girly girl and absolutely loved my dolls to death ... I once owned a Crissy & Velvet that I played with for many, many years. I was also a mad Barbie doll nutter and when the television ads for Ice Skating Crissy were on TV, I can tell you she was on my birthday wish list without a doubt.

...We only had the basic range of dolls to select from and Barbie's were all blonde and to have a Crissy with her beautiful red hair in the size of Barbie was my dream come true..."

To be sure, these are interesting insights from our friends in Australia!

The following photos are provided and being used by permission of the owner, Frances Scott. Our sincerest thanks go out to her for her generosity.

Here is her "skating rink." It attaches to the doll's foot.

A close-up of her pretty face.

Now here is my personal "Beautiful Crissy and Her Ice Skating Rink." Her skating rink and skates are being borrowed from an Ideal Dorothy Hamill. By all accounts, it is apparent that both dolls have the exact same rink/stand and skates.

The dolls's hair is rooted only around the hairline. It must be styled in a ponytail. The hair-bow is not original to this doll.

The rink/stand is really quite fascinating. As the doll on her stand is moved about a smooth surface, she appears to skate and twirl.

Even though most collectors wouldn't consider her a growing hair Crissy family doll, she indeed has a very pretty face.

I am presenting the directions that were sold with "Skating" Crissy. They are graciously provided by Frances Scott.

The single sheet is printed front and back and folds in the middle. This is the front.

Here is the back.

For comparison's sake, here is the front of Dorothy Hamill's directions. One will note immediately that other than a few minor changes, they are identical to Crissy's directions. Note that the drawing of Dorothy has been altered with longer hair drawn in so that it resembles Crissy.

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All text, © September 14, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin