Tiffany Taylor, Another one of Ideal's girls!

As you know, 1970's dolls from the Ideal Toy Corporation were known to "do things" and Tiffany was no different. On top of her head was a rotating cap. One side has blonde hair rooted but flip it to the other side, and her beautiful brunette hair, complete with bangs appears. Ingenius!

Tiffany is 19" tall. Both a white and a black version were sold.

Often confused with her counterpart, Tuesday Taylor, this doll is big! She stands a bit taller than the Crissy doll. (Tuesday Taylor also had hair that functioned like Tiffany's but she was the size of Mattel's Barbie Doll.) Tiffany had a beautiful collection of clothes, suitable for a doll as gorgeous as she is. Additionally, she had a selection of catalog exclusives available to her. Spiegel, Wards, Alden's, and the Canadian department store Eaton's, all sold clothes for her in their respective toy catalogs.

Tiffany can be found in a variety of boxes as she was sold through the years. Her clothes can also be found packaged in two different types of packaging.

Was and is Tiffany considered part of the Crissy family of dolls? Well, technically, no. Just like another Ideal girl who "did something," Harmony, she is taller, does something completely different than Crissy and her family, and was never marketed with any Crissy family dolls. To illustrate: One could see Crissy and/or Velvet advertised with other family dolls, like Crissy and Kerry, or Velvet and her "new friend" Mia. But never once was Crissy and Tiffany sold together. Besides, Tiffany was enjoying new popularity in 1974, just as Crissy was being phased out of production at Ideal. So in reality, she couldn't have been part of the family.

It's understandable that they would be considered family since they are both "hair play" dolls. But they were of different calibre completely. Tiffany was marketed as a beautiful fashion model (and had the face make-up to prove it). She was very different in form and body shape than the Crissy family too. She was more mature in her face as well.

However, all collectors are free to form their own opinions about the dolls they collect and we all respect that we are all different and have our own thoughts and ideas. The important thing is that a debate isn't necessary, but you should however enjoy your dolls and let them cause wonder in your life!


Here is Tiffany as she appeared in the 1974 Ideal Buyers Catalog....

New collectors are sometimes confused about Tiffany's shoes. No need to be. She was only sold with chartreuse shoes, not white shoes. The white mules belong to Magic Hair Crissy. They fit nicely so sometimes little ones (and collectors today) allowed each doll to share their shoes! This catalog scan above shows several color variations. Sadly, no other colors were sold publicly for Tiffany. These prototypes never made it into production, though this collector does own two pair of prototype shoes - pink and brown. The brown pair were purchased from a former Ideal employee, and the pink pair were purchased from someone who knew an employee.

Here she is in the same catalog showing the four outfits being offered in 1974 for her. Notice the box and clothing packaging in 1974, below. They were a bit different than the common red boxes that we see, which were sold in subsequent production years.

The prototype boxes that were shown in the buyer's catalog are completely different than what was actually sold in the stores in 1974 (above, left). Ideal used photographs of actual human models on this box and carded outfit! The above outfit on the far right is the actual packaging when it went to market.

A nice Black Tiffany in her 1974 box, which is how the box really looked once Tiffany was released for sale.

This box held the 1975 dolls. It has both 1974 and 1975 copyright dates on the box. Why? Tiffany was issued in 1974, thus the 1974 date, but issued again in 1975. Being that the box was different (with no window for Tiff to look through!), it sports a 1975 date as well.

Here's the back of the 1975 box.

Outfits were sold in this style of packaging from 1975 onward.

This gown was offered in quite a few variations.

More of Tiffany's outfit collection, presented in MIP condition:

This is lovely Tiffany as she is found in the 1975 Ideal buyers catalog.

1975 Ideal buyers catalog

This page of the 1975 Ideal catalog shows the assortment of outfits available.

Notice how the 1976 box changed, as shown in the 1976 Ideal Buyers Catalog.

The direction pamphlet that came with Tiff.

Tiffany's Outfits issued by The Ideal Toy Corporation

This lavender robe covers the cutest little baby-doll!

The flower on this shimmery silver gown (left) is the same flower that Look Around Crissy has on the waistband of her long jewel-toned gown. The fashion on the right is made from the same red gingham that Velvet's "Checker Check" is made with. As one can see, parts of the gingham on the top have faded, just as parts of the dress for Velvet fade.

This dress can be found in several variations.
The dress shown on the left is made from a yellow ribbed double-knit fabric.
On occasion, it is simply made from a plain knit with no ribbing.
It has also been found in a couple shades of light green, as shown on the right.

There are quite a few variations of this dress, as shown.

A saucy little capelet covers a very sexy, off-the-shoulder swirled sheath dress.

Left: Tiffany looks very pretty in her long shimmery gown with fur-trimmed sleeves.
Right: The sexy little headband, adorned with a drop pearl, ices the cake on this blue concoction.

This maxi-coat (left) is pretty difficult to find. This example is missing the pink faux fur hat. The coat is made from a berry colored fine pinwale corduroy. But perhaps the hardest to find item for Tiffany is her "mink" coat. It is made from dark brown faux fur and faux leather (vinyl). This one was acquired in its original, though dilapidated box.

This coat came in a box that was missing the cellophane covering and had been clipped away from the inner card. Still, it's very nice to acquire such a hard to find item!

The back of the box is the same as other clothing boxes in that it shows the outfits in the collection, illustrated in black and white. This box is bigger than the other outfit boxes to accommodate this large coat.

Here is a 1978 pattern that lists Tiffany as one of the larger dolls that can wear the items made from it. It lists "Chrissie" (no doubt a reference to the 1977 Magic Hair Crissy doll with her name spelled incorrectly), "Tiffany Taylor" and "Super Barbie."

This pattern is © 1978, McCall's Pattern Company.

This is a "two-sized" pattern. When one uses the smaller sizes, it will dress Donny and Marie, Farrah,Wonder Women, Ken, Sonny and Cher, Superstar Christy, Ballerina Cara and Tuesday Taylor. All of these dolls were in the 11.5 - 12" size category.

Here's a bonus for YOU! Please click on one of the pattern pictures above and below and each will launch into a PDF that you print out! Please use legal size paper as some of the pages are big. Also, choose "print actual size" on your printer options or the pieces won't be the correct size. Have fun!

This file was so big, my server would not allow me to upload the whole thing at once, so please click on the below link...
Pattern Part Two, Click Here

This pattern is © 1975, Simplicity Pattern Co., Inc.

Important note:
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Tiffany Taylor, 1974

Here is Tiffany Taylor as she appeared in the 1974 JC Penney toy catalog. Four very lovely Ideal created outfits were offered as well. The long gown has been sold in many different fabric variations. The lemon yellow dress has appeared in different types of yellow fabrics. There is even a green version.

Of special interest is the shoes that she is shown wearing. Every collector has seen her chunky mules in lime green. But the white ones that she is shown wearing were actually never sold "for HER" but were sold on the Magic Hair Crissy doll, as noted above.

In the 1974 Sears Wish Book, there was no glitz and glamour for Tiff! She was shown in a black and white photo with no extra outfits. Poor thing!

The 1974 Wards catalog had a lovely layout of Tiffany and her clothes.
Here is the first time that we get a look at new catalog exclusive outfits for her!

These lovely Wards outfits will start out the following presentation of Tiffany's catalog exclusive outfits!

There are several variations of this outfit as found in the 1974 Wards catalog. Magic Hair Crissy (right) is helping to model Tiffany's vast wardrobe! The white sleeveless blouse is missing from this set.

Here are two other variations, with the under-blouse included. Blue seems to be a pretty common color with this pantsuit, but this unusual green variation looks especially nice on Tiff when she decides to be a brunette! This Tiffany also likes to stand on her own, amazingly enough. And her bangs... she just has the most fantasic long feathery bangs ever seen on a Tiff! I just had to give her long, full curls to compliment them.

Tiffany collectors love this little shorts outfit (left)!
Another favorite of Tiffany collectors is this sweet, ruffly pants outfit found in the 1974 Wards catalog (right).

The fourth outfit that appears in this 1974 set of clothes found in the Christmas catalog that year is this darling two-piece summer set. The shorts are constructed in the same fashion as the pink shorts also part of the set. The top has an elasticized waist to cinch it nicely around her waist. The catalog shows it in a lighter print fabric, so how can I be sure it is the real thing? It came in a near-complete 1974 Wards collection.

In the picture on the right (above), we see the variation that actually was shown in the 1974 Wards catalog, along with a variation of the above referenced ruffly pants outfit. These different variations make collecting so interesting.

Tiffany Taylor, 1975

Now we find ourselves in 1975. The Alden's catalog also offered exclusive clothes for Tiff. The Spanish outfit is a resurrection of an outfit created for Remco's Mimi. There were also some outfits in the group that were originally sold in the Alden's books for Crissy a few years previous.

In the 1975 Eatons book, six new exclusives were sold. Tiffany modeled her new duds barefoot!

(Left) Here is a pretty Tiffany modeling one of the Eatons outfits. Notice her shoes. They are prototype brown shoes that never made it into production! (Right) This floral variation is just as pretty. We've paired it with shoes borrowed from friend Magic Hair Crissy.

The jury is out on this little pale blue pantsuit from Eatons, 1975... are they lounging pajamas? or is it a day-time fashion? One supposes that it doesn't really matter as it looks smashing on Tiffany and pairs nicely with her bold blue eyeshadow.

Here is Tiff in her bikini, from the Eaton's catalog, 1975.

Here is a sweet spring coat for Tiffany.

For summertime, Tiffany has this light-weight cotton pantsuit.

A nice nightgown for sweet dreams (Eaton's, 1975)

This two-piece skirt and blouse set is so cute! The skirt features a paper-bag elasticized waist. Notice the detail on the butterfly sleeves on her blouse.

ABOVE: Outfits from the Canadian 1975 Eaton's catalog.

ABOVE: Tiffany Taylor finally made an appearance in the Spiegel catalog in 1975. But alas! she was relegated to a thin strip of page near the spine! She did however, have a nice set of exclusive outfits in this 1975 book....

Here are the nifty-neato 1975 Spiegel catalog exclusives for Tiff. Very sweet but the tennis outfit looks a bit odd with her lime green chunky heels!

(Left) This little plastic box-shaped purse was included in this set. It matches this Spiegel dress very nicely. It isn't shown in the catalog, but it came with this set. A variation of it also appears in the set that was sold in the 1976 Spiegel catalog. (Right) Isn't this little summer top and maxi-skirt delicious?? Her 1975 Spiegel set really offered neat and fashionable clothes.

(Left) Here is a fluffy little pantsuit for Tiffany, as found in the 1975 Spiegel catalog.
(Right) Another pantsuit found in the 1975 Spiegel catalog.

Here is Tiffany's 1975 Spiegel catalog tennis set!

Totally wonderful Wards! They always had neat outfits that you didn't see sold in other books or on other dolls. This is the offering in the 1975 Wards catalog. Only in the years of 1974 and 1975 did Wards include exclusive outfits for her in their Christmas toy catalogs. Resurrected from the 1974 offering was the three-piece pants suit outfit. Three other new outfits were introduced.

Below: This picture shows four variations of the 1975 outfits. They arrived in Atlanta to join my archives as a complete set. It was exciting to receive this set since all four outfits were completely different than any that were already in the collection.

Such a pretty set!

(Left) This natty little sailor jumpsuit is simply adorable! Wards had really cute outfits for Tiffany in 1975. (Right) This outfit is identical to the pantsuit found in the 1974 catalog, except in 1975, it is shown in pink. The sleeveless blouse underneath is black with white dots, but has also been found in navy with white dots. The variation set mentioned above came with a very unusual plaid set!

Also from the 1975 Wards catalog is this terrific shorts and halter outfit. It really looks great on her, fitting her so well, and it works with her coloring nicely.

Tiffany Taylor, 1976

Again, Spiegel sells Tiffany in their catalog, this time in 1976. But look at her exclusive clothes....they are so unique! Like alot of clothes that were sold in the Spiegel catalogs for other dolls (such as Crissy and Velvet), there were poorly made and sometimes are frayed and falling apart when they are found.

(Left) This funky denim jumpsuit resembles the coveralls that mechanics wear! It is missing now, but at one time it had an "Esso" applique' on the front. "Esso" is pronounced S-O. It is derived from the name of the pre-1911 Standard Oil Company. Must be why it looks like a mechanic's coverall! What an interesting design choice for such a beautiful and svelte "teenage cover girl!" I let her continue to wear her bathing suit underneath, since there are no fasteners to hold the jumpsuit closed.

(Right) Here is a variation of the jumpsuit, from the 1977 catalog, as shown below. It still has the applique' on it that says "Esso."

(Left) Tiffany's friend "Magic Hair Crissy" is helping her model all of her groovy threads from the 1976 Spiegel catalog.
(Right) This is perhaps the absolute cutest set that Spiegel sold for Tiffany (and my favorite!).

Here is the 1976 Spiegel tennis set (above, left). It even included a tennis racket! Incidentally, Tiffany is borrowing the tennis shoes of one of the "Babysitters Club" dolls from the early 90's. They fit pretty well, though she is standing on her tippy-toes. They just seem to look a little more appropriate with her tennis gear. Also (right) is this little lime green ruffled pantsuit and shows off Tiff's trim tummy. It looks great with her lime green mules, yes?

Tiffany Taylor, 1977

Here are the outfits offered in the 1977 Spiegel catalog. There are some repeats from the 1976 catalog, as one can see.

Tiffany Taylor, Miscellaneous

It seems Peggy Ann, a doll clothes company that created aftermarket clothes for the Crissy family, the Barbie family, and other dolls, also created a few outfits for Tiffany. This long dress is made of the same fabric as an outfit for Crissy that consisted of a long pantsuit and a poncho.

Looks like other companies were interested in dressing Tiffany! This outfit by LJN (NY, NY) puts her in the list of dolls that can wear this outfit. The shoes however, will not fit her larger feet. gets this question alot. Who is Electrowoman? Simply put, she was never made. Somewhere out there in print, someone has mistakenly called an Ideal doll "Electrowoman" because she is wearing Electroman's outfit. And now, this misinformation has taken off on the Internet. This doll does not exist as Electrowoman. What you are seeing on e-auction sites is probably Magic Hair Crissy or even Tiffany Taylor actually wearing Electroman's clothes. Who is Electroman? He was a so-called "boy's toy" that Ideal made. He and his arch-enemy, Zogg the Terrible actually didn't enjoy a very large following. So, there was alot of overstock outfits leftover after his initial production period. There were apparently alot of leftover Tiffs and Magic Hair Crissy dolls too. What Ideal did was dress these leftover dolls in Electroman's outfit and sold them in the employees store. These dolls show up pretty often. I was so happy to find an example that is still in her original baggie, as she was sold in the Ideal employees store.

Here she is in her baggie. Her shoes are very neon green!

(Left) This shot shows how big and ill-fitting Electroman's outift is on such a svelte figure as Tiffany's. (Right) Here is the back that shows the opening that allows the child to be able to access Electroman's mechanism. Tiffany didn't need this opening since she had no mechanism to access. It was an interesting choice of attire for such a lovely, glamour girl as Tiff. One supposes that Ideal didn't have any leftover stock of her original issue outfit.

For your viewing enjoyment and for comparison's sake, here is Electroman and his nemisis, Zogg the Terrible.

Well that should be enough evidence for inquiring minds that want to know who "Electroman" and "Electrowoman" really are! Thanks for dropping by.

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