Vacation Crissy is home...

July 23, 2007

Well she is home. What a trip this turned out to be for such a little "person." I've learned so much about people, about human nature, learning much about why people do and say the things they do, and I've learned a little bit about the world of which I am a citizen.

What was the point of this adventure? Why did I initiate it? To tell you the truth, in the beginning, it was because I thought it sounded fun. Other folks have been having fun with "Flat Stanley" projects for years. Not wanting to send a folded up piece of paper around the world, I decided that it'd be fun to send a number one Crissy doll out to see the world instead. There was simply put, no preconceived notions about what she would encounter and what she would "see."

But something amazing happened along the way. We all, through the pages of her on-line journal, got to know people in other parts of the United States, Australia, and Canada. We took a peek into their lives. We saw what they did for a living. We saw their homes. We shared in their lives. We met their spouses, significant others, children and their pets. Some hosts were a little shyer than others but some had much to offer the project. Sometimes things didn't go perfectly, or smoothly. But in the end, does that even matter?

In the end, you, and I, have discovered that our little chunk of nickel, iron, silicon, magnesium, aluminum and other minerals is pretty small indeed. This little doll is probably better traveled that you are. I know that applies to me!

I was touched many times at how the hosts took care of Crissy, how they groomed her (her hair STILL looks great and she was a pretty mint doll when she left), how they took her everywhere to be entertained, "fed," dressed, tucked in at night, and they saw to it that her stash of souvenirs properly represented the places she had been. Inside of her sleeping bag, I sewed a small ribbon near her feet. It says, "May you bring blessings to all you meet. Be well my friend." If you as a host weren't looking for it, you didn't see it. But most touching was the same blessing that was given to HER before she left some of her hosts homes. Not only did she travel with her "good luck" faux ivory elephant (with an upturned trunk) bracelet, she was given a Christian medal to see her through the rest of journeys. How does such caring make YOU feel about people like you, about collectors LIKE you?

Yes indeed, this project did metamorphose, taking on a new meaning and taking on a life of its own. It served to bring our small collecting community together, a group of like-minded people. I walk away from it knowing a small group of people better than I knew them before. Hopefully, you can say that too.

Lessons learned? Yes, there are some. The biggest one for me? Human nature is an unusual thing. And it all happens on a very infinitesimal speck of rock hurtling through the depths of space at 67,000 miles per hour. Feel small yet? Just think if you were Crissy's size!

Where is she now? Well, she is hardly mine anymore. I'm not sure to whom she belongs. And I just couldn't "wash" her down now that she is back, for fear that I might wash the hugs and kisses off of her. But for now, she sleeps happily in a large black steamer trunk, with travel stickers all over it. How apropos! It is over half-way full with all of her items that were gifted to her, along with her sleeping bag, suitcase and her PJs. I like to think that she is dreaming about a most amazing trip that she once took, for you and me.

God bless.

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July 24, 2007, by Beth-Ellen Colvin