The Crissy & her Friends Groovy Get-Together, 2006

July 10, 2006

Wow! Iím home! Peggie didnít tell me I was coming here! As much fun as Iíve had, I must say, I am very happy to see Beth, Miles and Hunter (Bethís son and dog). Beth got a chuckle out of my journal, which is fat and thick with pictures and all the things that my hosts and I have written. Can you believe it?? I am already writing in my second book!

Thought I'd take a moment to draft what I am going to write in my next entry. I'm using Beth's computer.

Today Beth went to work and I rested. She says that Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent cleaning the house, washing the car and getting ready for our guests. OH MY GOSH! I had completely forgotten! This is the week of the ďCrissy & her Friends, Groovy Get-Together!Ē So that is why Iím here. I wonder if the guests know Iím here! I canít wait to see them (c:

11:35 p.m. Beth was woken by some disturbance in the living room. Looks like Miles just got home and oh no! Has he broke his ankle? Beth is going to the ER with him. Iím kind of worried.

July 11, 2006

Poor Beth got one and a half hours of sleep. Miles severely sprained his ankle and is holed up on the couch. Beth already cleaned the living room for the GT and now heís making a mess. There she goes, itís 6:15 a.m. and sheís off to work.

While Beth was at work, I visited with my friends in the archive. I hugged Hunter and my cousins Velvet and Cinnamon (who looks more like me cuz she has reddish hair). It was nice to chat with them. Then I took a little nap with Hunter.

July 12, 2006

Today Beth is on vacation from work. But wow, she sure is busy to be on vacation! Right off the bat, she got busy on two new incoming dolls. First they got baths. Boy did that redhead need one. Yuck. I donít know how she could see through all that crud in her eyes. Then Beth dressed them in outfits that she didnít even know she had! She makes me laff sometimes. Have you seen the archive? Shoot, I live here and thereís stuff Iíve never seen. I heard her mumble, ďMental note: re-shoot the 1973 Eatonís pic for the site.Ē I guess that means she found a í73 outfit that needs to be shared with other collectors. May I just say, she LOVES what she does? I can tell. (Smile)

Oh, sorry, I seem to have wandered off topic.

Donít they look good now? Did I mention that I helped? (grin)

After that, Beth started on a cleaning frenzy like Iíve never seen. Iím sure this is for my Get-Together. People are going to arrive tomorrow. How excited I am to see my old friends! At any rate, Beth bleached the white paint off the toilet seat in the main bathroom. I donít think she knew that she could do that. I had better not say anything. She seems a bit irked, mumbling again, something about not having time to buy a new one. Can I ask you something? What are baseboards?

I tried to be helpful. Beth let me dust her bathroom chachkas. I think she likes rubber duckies or something. She sure has a lot of them. But itís a fun bathroom. I will give you that. Did you know the ceiling is blue and there is purple beaded fringe at the ceiling line? Beth calls it a Hollywood Bathroom befitting a Princess. I would have to say I agree.

Next we are going in to the sunroom to set up the charity auction. The living room, foyer and piano, kitchen, and the two bathrooms are done. Iíll let Beth finish. This Princess needs a nap. I jumped up on the bed with Miles. Beth is washing his sheets. I wonder if she realizes that the guests wonít have a clue if his sheets are clean or not. LOL

After my nap, I found Beth in the kitchen, sorting out items that will be used as prizes for the games that we play during the Get-Together. Several folks have made generous contributions so that we'll have plenty of things to give away. Beth is very grateful to everyone for their generosity.

Here we are sorting and looking over the prizes! It's almost showtime!

On Thursday morning, July 13th, we got up so that we could pick up our guests from the airport.

Here is Deby and Cheryl.

Here is Anthony and Linda. My friend Tracy was going to meet a friend of hers that lives near here. Tracy came in by taxi later (just in time for our Pizza Party!).

We forgot to get a pic of Georgia! But you'll see pics below of her. She is so cute! The reason we forgot is because her flight kept getting bumped or delayed and finally she got here. I got a little tired and forgot to get the digital camera out. I'm sorry!

Also that night, my friend Karyn was driving in. She lives just the next state north of me. Saturday, we were expecting Lucy and Nikki to meet us for lunch and then for the Get-Together itself. They live the next state to the west of me, so they drove in too. My other guest, Cindy, has a sister who lives in Atlanta. She visited with her after she arrived on Thursday. I got to see her the next day!

Before we drove back to pick up Georgia at the airport, we had a pizza party in the lobby of the hotel, The Mall of Georgia Hampton Inn. The clerks looked a little jealous cuz it smelled so good! Beth brought that silly Uneeda girl that makes everyone laugh because of her strange accent. All weekend, all I heard was, "I can Wack and Tack!" (They all thought she sounded strange I guess. Oh, and that girl probably can talk -too much if you ask me- but she sure isn't a walker. She didn't go anywhere with us. Probably couldn't keep up.)

On Friday, July 14th, we have a BIG day! First we went to the Georgia Aquarium but darnit!!! They closed the tunnel for maintanence. In my opinion, that is the BESTEST part! I could tell Beth was a bit annoyed too. We had lots of fun anyway!

I saw Beluga Whales!

They said I couldn't climb on the display but being small has its advantages. They didn't notice!! -Giggle-

Here I am with Beth in front of the main display. The fish is named Deepo. You probably think that is because of "deep" water, but no... they named him after Home Depot who paid lots of money with other big companies to bring the aquarium to Georgia.

I hope my guests didn't forget to look up! The glass sculptures are beautiful!

Here is our entire group minus Cindy, Lucy and Nikki.

Can you believe that they have a tank full of piranha!? They looked kind of friendly but I have a feeling that would all change if someone stuck their hand in the water.

I saw sea lions. They bark like a dog sometimes. That was funny!

Each exhibit has the neatest and most colorful signs!

Here is Beth and I in front of the native Georgia water exhibit.

More glass sculptures, this one of a very funny looking turtle. I needed a "lift" cuz I'm so short, so that we could get this picture. It was at this point someone yelled out, "Hey! That's a Crissy! I had one of those. No, I just had the head. No wait, I guess I had a whole doll." Huh? I was confused. All of my friends were giggling. Another girl came up to Beth at another time and said, "You know what that is don't you? (Pointing at me) THEY are very valuable." Beth replied, "Not really, they are very common and only fetch about $20 a piece at the most. I have over 800 of them." Beth invited her to our website for further clarification.

Before we left, my friend Karyn gave me a lift so I could model in front of the aquarium logo.

I don't look so short here do I!

After the aquarium visit, we drove about 8 blocks over to the Atlanta landmark known as The Varsity. It has been there for years, since 1928, and started out as a hot dog stand. Later, car hops on skates started serving customers right there in the their cars! And they still do. It was about 92 degrees so we went in to eat. As soon as one of the 25 or so counter folks sees you, they yell "What'll-Ya-Have!" at you. They all startled me.

Do you remember TV personality Nipsy Russell? He got his start as a car hop at The Varsity! If you stay long enough and look at all of the pictures in the dining rooms (plenty of those!), you will find pictures of him.

The Varsity's Website

Clockwise from the left front, Cheryl, Karyn, Deby, and Anthony.

From the left, Linda, Georgia, and Tracy. Beth and I were taking the picture.

Here we all are except Beth in front of this landmark. Oh, it's called The Varsity cuz it's right there next to the Georgia Tech campuses. Don't ya just love those paper hats! LOL

From the left: Georgia, Linda, Tracy, Anthony, Deby, Cindy & I, Karyn & Cheryl. Beth was taking the picture.

On that same Friday, after lunch, we went out to the Braselton, Georgia antique markets.

This cat must be the friendliest cat ever! Just anyone can touch him and he loves to be petted. His name is Squeaky cuz in the morning when the store owners arrive, he doesn't MEOW but he squeaks his morning greeting to them. He is the resident mouser in this particular store.

Almost everyone bought something. To wrap up our rather busy day, we ate dinner at the Macaroni Grill. Cindy had to go home, well, to her sister's place, for the evening. Lucy and Nikki aren't here yet in the below picture.

Beth let me try her Penne Rustica. She would not let me have a sip of her pinot though. I might be short, but I am NOT underage.

We all went our separate ways after dinner. We all needed to get much needed sleep after our VERY busy and fun day. Saturday was coming and it was almost time for our big shindig!

On Saturday, July 15th, we all got up and some went shopping, some slept in... but Beth and I got up and started sprucing up our place. We had to meet our friends at the Golden Corral near the Mall of Georgia and Lucy and Nikki were there too!! I was glad to see them again! Remember, they hosted me on my vacation to the Mardi Gras. I think they were happy to see me too (c:

The Golden Corral is some sort of weird tradition that started the first year of the Get-Together. It isn't even that good, but there is a nice variety of stuff to eat. I guess that bread was pretty good. I've never seen such a huge plate of bread disappear so fast! Beth said the grilled salmon was good. Tracy had that too.

Here we are eating.

After we ate, Cindy met up with us all at Beth's place and the party began.

One thing that we do is play lots of games and hand out prizes. Another thing is we like to give each other a little something. About half of us create souvenirs to give away. Our friend Karyn works for a major department store and always brings us GREAT makeup items! You should see the fur fly when she tosses those in the middle of the floor!! Too fun!!

This photo is courtesy of Karyn.

Beth's dog Hunter just could not stay away from the festivities. He was always underfoot. Even after being stepped on so many times, he still hung out. Deby is his favorite guest, as you can tell.

This photo is courtesy of Karyn.

The doll exchange is BIG FUN for everyone! The theme is really played up here. Everyone that participates brings a doll dressed in the theme, wraps it, then the exchanges are made.

The exchange photos are courtesy of Karyn.

I think perhaps the highlight of the Get-Together might be the bride doll door prize. This year, Perla of Highway Dolls created a beautiful 50's era inspired ensemble. Beth designed the jewelry. The doll was donated by my friend Shannon who could not attend this year )c:

Beth tries to think of creative ways to choose the winner. This year, she put a random note into her gift to the guests (a DVD with all 5 of her Crissy commercials burned onto it, in a case decorated for the GT) that said, "Guess what? You are the winner of the bride doll." After she announced to our friends that they were all receiving a copy of the DVD as a gift, she shuffled the cases containing the DVD and handed them out randomly. She hoped that they would look inside, but no one did. So finally she said, "Ummmm, could you check inside your DVD case to make sure that I put one in there? I'd hate for you to get all the way home and not have a DVD." After about 15 seconds, finally someone said, "What's this?" It was Cindy from Canada! Boy was she suprised!

The above three photos are courtesy of Cheryl.

The above two photos are courtesy of Karyn.

Wonderful Lucy, who works PFM on Crissy family dolls (that would mean Pure Frickin' Magic) was invited to do a demo where she could show the guests her ingenious way of "popping" new eyes into a doll's head.

The above eye demo photos are courtesy of Karyn.

We always shoot a group shot. This year seemed to give us trouble...

In this pose, there was alot of squinting.

In this pose, Hunter told Beth he didn't want to get in the picture.

So Hunter left, a bit disgruntled (probably cuz he wanted to party too, but kept getting stepped on) and then we shot this final pose.

Sunday the 17th was spent with everyone going home. There were lots of tears and hugs as they departed. You probably wonder why. Well, you see, all of the guests have been long time friends, not just fellow collectors. Because of me, they have all become the closest of friends. While we all have very busy lives with careers, families, school, and well, there's me too, getting together every summer has become part of our lives. While we are all there vacationing, we also renew our bonds with each other, we wonder about others who have visited before and couldn't for whatever reason, come again, we wish and hope that they are well, we reminisce about previous get-togethers, talk about our illnesses, our weights, our families, and I could go on and on and on. The get-togethers are truly amazing. I hope you can come to the next one... or the next one (hint: think "Cruisin' with Crissy.")

We have preliminary plans for the next two. I hope that you can arrange your life's affairs to attend the ninth or tenth annual Groovy Get-Together. Cuz after that, they won't be annual anymore. Please plan to not miss out.

I'd love to meet you in person!



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