Hi! I just finished visiting Georgia in Peoria, Illinois!

March 24, Friday
I have safely arrived in Peoria. I am exhausted! Kerry is nice enough to have a spot of tea ready for me. Iím telling her about some of my adventures Ė itís going to take the whole pot!

March 25, Saturday
We are all getting up early. Weíre going to one of their Medieval events. Since this is Georgiaís group, she will spend most of the day in the kitchen. Feeding 100 people takes quite a bit of effort. Hope there is still time to see whatís happening; Iíve never been to one of these.

Once we arrived, I helped Lee and Georgia empty the truck and take their stuff in. I get to ride.

G & I went to the kitchen, and I helped wipe down serving trays. This may be more fun than I expected.

We went back down to where things were happening. First we went to the fencing field. This is not done on a strip like Olympic fencing, but in a big square called the Ďlistí. I watched, but everything happens so fast, I am not even sure who won!

I am introduced to a handsome fencer, Wilgear. What fun!

Next we checked out the archery field. No one was shooting, so I checked out the bows and arrows. Too BIG!

Back in the merchant area, I look at bows, but none fit. However, on the other side of the room, I spot jewelry. Maybe they will have something I like.

Do you like my necklace? I think it goes with my hair color.

We had to look at the clothes Georgia and Lee sell. Nothing my size, but Georgia had made me a dress just like some of the big ones she sells. I also borrowed some of my size feast gear.

OOH! While I was hanging out in the merchant area, another darling man, Damien Nihthauk wearing groovy clothes comes by and kisses my hand! G says that often happens to ladies of flawless complexion.

We are going to the heavy weapons area next. Not sure what that means, but I think Iíll find out.

More fighters! These are even wearing armor. I watch a bit, then meet Master Charles Oakley who holds me. I feel like a princess!

While G goes to the kitchen to cook and wash dishes, (she is a really GOOD dish washer), I am going to hang out in the merchant area. Maybe I will find something more.

This was a very long day, and I will be glad to get back to the house and go to bed. Iíll sleep with my new pink quilt. It matches my jammies.

March 26, Sunday
After a late breakfast and reading the papers, we each went our separate ways for the morning, but once lunch was done, we went out to visit some of Georgia and Leeís Family. Tara Lin, daughter, was there, and I posed with her and her original Crissy. Isnít she cute?

I found the trucks. These are more my size, and I played with them and Gavin, Gís grandson. They share a birthday.

I like that Gavin has red hair like I do.

March 27, Monday
We are going camping! G assures me that while we spend the day in their big tent, weíll sleep in the camper. Sheís rushing around trying to pack food and clothes. I can help, so I put in my suitcase. Donít think Iíll need my sleeping bag, so Iíll just take my new quilt.

G didnít want me to be bored, so we went out to the local museum. The gallery is closed on Monday, but we went into the planetarium. Thatís where G used to work. I got to run the star projector! It makes the dome inside become the night sky Ė how cool is that? I even got to inspect the starball up close and personal.

My day isnít over! My cousin Crissy, being the popular, wonderful doll that she is, won the prom queen title. They are having a party to celebrate and we are all going to dress up. Luckily I have my beautiful Mardi Gras dress to wear.

March 28, Tuesday
What a party! The girls are such fun. I really slept late! G is just finishing the packing anyway. Think Iíll read the paper.

Georgia and Lee are packing and sewing. Iíll just be a thoughtful guest and make myself scarce.

Roger came by. He is the painter who is adding the finishing touches to the kitchen Ė I will help him.

March 29, Wednesday
Weíre off! I met my traveling companions, Katerina and Katja. Katerina is younger than I, but just as tall. At first I was not sure about Katja; sheís so sophisticated. But she has the same sense of humor I do. We buckled in and started off. There is a long way to go today, but with music and stories we should have fun.

We went a long way, Illinois to Oklahoma, but I wasnít bored. When it was time for bed, Katja let me use her bunny slippers and told us stories.

March 30, Thursday

Georgia is concerned. It is tornado season in Oklahoma, and there is a strong wind. They have a VERY big tent to put up and it is raining. She asked if the 3 of us would stay in the camper where we could stay dry.

March 31, Friday
Today is kidís day at the faire. Lee and Georgia being very tired, are glad. Since they donít make childrenís clothes, it is an easy day for them. I got to wear my new Celtic dress again, and G found me some feast gear of my own. I loved Katjaís armor and Katerinaís gypsy outfits.

All 5 of us pretty much stayed in the pavilion today.

April 1, Saturday
Wow! The Kís have trunks of renaissance clothes to wear. I thought weíd just wear the same thing again. Katjaís t-tunic fit me, so she kindly loaned me something different to wear. G promised to take me around some of the faire.

First place I wanted to stop had the prettiest fairy wings. Wish they had them in XXXXXXS so I could be a fairy. Arenít they beautiful?

Now this is more my size! Wonder if I could eat a whole piece. This nice lady makes the candy.

Lucky me! This pretty young lady, Melissa, held me. She was very careful to keep her corndog away from me. Donít you love her facepaint? I donít think Iíll get mine painted Ė flawless complexion, donícha know.

Groovy Bellydancers! Wait till I tell K & K!

Look at the pouches! These are all handmade, but alas! None are sized for me.

April 2, Sunday
Wow again! Katja has a fairy costume that I may wear! I love this dress up.

April 3, Monday
On the way back to Illinois, we visited a castle. It is in Muskogee, OK! Well, it is not a real castle, but it is very cool. In the great room, the thrones were set up. I perched on the queenís royal chair. Suits me, donít you think?

I peeked in the catacombs, but they were very dark. I might fall over something Ė or some body. Then I checked out the hand chopper. It would be just my size for a guillotine. That little piece decided me; I would NOT go in the torture chamber.

April 3, Wednesday
It is our last day of traveling. Katja and Katerina and I held hands, told stories and sang. I will miss them. While I love traveling, I hate getting to know friends then saying goodbye.

Georgia told me that the route we traveled follows the path of historic route 66. In Illinois we got off the interstate and followed some of the old highway. Here in Benld, I posed by one of the signs.

G loves to stop in antique shops, so in one I went along. The dishes were OK, but the old toys were more fun.

Kerry! We may be vintage, but antique? I told G that we could NOT leave my cousin here and she agreed. Huzzah! (Thatís a Renaissance style cheer)

April 4, Wednesday
G is doing laundry; I am going to rest! There is a party this afternoon, since it is Cinnyís birthday. I am going to have a hard time thinking of a gift.

Some of the girls invited me to come to the park with them tomorrow. It sounds like such fun.

April 5, Thursday
Today I need to pack! I am heading home tomorrow. It may not be the end of my journey, but I really need to lighten my suitcase; I have gotten so many wonderful souvenirs.


Meanwhile I did promise to meet some of the other dolls by the park bench. Maybe there will be swings, too. I like swings.

I had fun, but it is time to say good bye to Georgia,
Till next time,