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In 1969, when Crissy was first released, the collector will not find clothes for Velvet and her same size friends. Velvet didn't come along until 1970. With that, we'll start there.

The first four outfits were sold in a small box. Each outfit was wrapped in purple tissue paper, much like the number one Velvet doll was, in her box. They had rather generic names, as found on the boxes: Coat & Hat, Pants Suit, Baby Doll PJs, and School Dress.

Coat & Hat were very soft, made of a synthetic "wool" fabric. This is usually missing the scarf because it was not attached to the coat. This set was sold with purple shoes.

Velvet is so cute in Pants Suit! It was packaged with purple shoes.

The three-piece Baby Doll PJ set is just precious! Lavender shoes complimented this set. It came in two versions however, the one with flocked flowers printed on it is exceptionally hard to find. This collector has only seen 3 sets in over 20 years of collecting.

This is a close-up shot of how the flocked flowers looked on against the lavender gingham.

Look for several variations in School Dress. If it isn't trimmed with a gold-tone chain, it will be trimmed in gold ric-rac. One might also find a darker purple instead of the usual lavender. It was sold with purple shoes, or occasionally, lavender shoes.

But wait! There's more! Click on the links to view Velvet's outfits through the years.

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All text and photography, January, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin