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In 1971, Velvet's purple carded outfits were: Kelly Coat, Glad Plaid, Beachnik, Ruffled Up, Play Dots, and Smarty Pants. From here on in production, shoes were not included but sold separately on blister pack cards. A picture of the carded shoes appears at the bottom of page 5.

All of Velvet's outfits fit the smaller sized, 15" dolls.

When these first six outfits were sold to the stores to be sold to the public, a "deal" was sold to them that included twelve outfit packages per counter tray. The above is what the counter display looked like.

Velvet in Kelly Coat.

Super cute Glad Plaid.

Beachnik was comprised of a one piece bathing suit, halter style, and a long cover-up that tied with a white yarn tie. The daisy in her hair actually was sold in a Sears catalog, included in a small haircare set.

Mia is adorable in Ruffled Up. Her pigtail holders are hand crafted.

Velvet in Play Dots!

There is an unusual variation of Smarty Pants, found on occasion. Instead of brown pants, one might find it with green/navy plaid pants. The yellow top is top-stitched in green and has green buttons instead. What a nice variation for one's archive! Note: the hair clips are part of a Sears hair-care set.

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All text and photography, January, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin