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Again, just like with cousin Crissy, 1972 was a GREAT year for fashion! Velvet had TWO outfit collections! They were Crissy and Velvet Dress Up Collection and Crissy and Velvet Dress Down Collection.

The Dress Up Collection for Velvet and her friends included: On The Lamb, Checker Check, Ocean Motion, and Blazering.

The Dress Up Collection is found in a hard-sider box instead of a header-card package.

Tara is demurely lifting her dress so that you can see her cute red half-slip that goes under Checker Check.

Perhaps Velvet is sitting down due to "motion sickness" from her Ocean Motion outfit!

On The Lamb looks particularly precious on a Sears Cricket doll!

Here is the Velvet sized version of Blazering. You might recall there is a Crissy sized version as well.

See the next page for the Dress Down Collection pictorial.

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All text and photography, January, 2006, by Beth-Ellen Colvin